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Octopath Traveler 2: The Two Ways To Get Rosary Of Redemption (And What It Does)

Many gamers who are playing "Octopath Traveler 2" may have heard of a very special item called the Rosary of Redemption. This is a unique accessory that can be found in a couple of different ways, but one of the things that makes it interesting is that it isn't immediately apparent what it's actually good for.

In fact, the stats listed on the item make it so that the character who equips it will receive -60 Physical Attack and -60 Critical. Not only does it not have any redeeming stats to make up for this, it actually doesn't have any other features or effects at all. It would be easy for a player to take one look at this seemingly abysmal accessory and discard it without a second thought, but there's actually more to it than meets the eye. So why on earth would anyone want to equip something that actively makes them weaker? Well, they certainly wouldn't want to equip it on its own, but there's a way to make this peculiar rosary into one of the better accessories in the game. Here are the two ways to unlock the Rosary of Redemption and the secret to harnessing its power.

How to get the Rosary of Redemption

There are two methods for getting a Rosary of Redemption in "Octopath Traveler 2." The first method is more costly, but it's also much easier and less time consuming. Players can simply purchase the rosary from various stores across Solistia. There isn't a lot of information about which specific stores keep it in stock, but it can consistently be found in some of the Black Market shops that are available at night in the northern part of New Delsta Flats. It can be purchased here for 3,000 Leaves.

The second method of obtaining the rosary is to simply steal it. The characters Throné and Osvald can both learn both the Steal and Mug path actions. Players who have managed to unlock one of these path actions on either character should travel either to Flamechurch in the Crestlands or the Abandoned Village in the Brightlands. There will be an Elderly Man in Flamechurch and a Traveler in the Abandoned village, both of whom the rosary can be stolen from. The chance of getting it off either of them on the first try is relatively low, however, so players should make sure to save their game before attempting to steal it. This method might take a bit more time, but the player will get to keep their money.

Don't go equipping it just yet though. There's one more step players need to complete first in order to unlock this accessory's true potential.

The Rosary of Redemption is only good with Blessing in Disguise

Now that players have acquired the Rosary of Redemption, it's time to turn it into an accessory that's actually worth equipping. To do this, they first have to get another item called Blessing in Disguise. This is an item that turns negative values on other pieces of equipment into positive ones. That means that it can take that -60 Physical Attack and -60 Critical on the Rosary of Redemption and turn them both into a +60, instantly flipping it from being maybe the worst accessory in the entire game to being one of the very best.

There are a couple of places where players can find the Blessing in Disguise accessory. The first is inside a chest that can be found in the water on the northeast side of the Seat of the Water Sprite. The second is in another chest located on the southwestern section of the stone maze that can be found on The Lost Isle.

The bonuses to both the Physical Attack and Crit stats will skyrocket the player's damage output once they have both of these items equipped on a character. So they're definitely worth keeping. Some players may even wish to get both Blessing in Disguise accessories so that they can use the combo on whichever two party members have the best physical attacks, making it much easier to take on some of the game's hardest bosses.