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Chris Tyson's New Look Has Everyone Talking

Fans of superstar YouTuber MrBeast are no doubt familiar with Chris Tyson, a longtime member of the content creator's crew. Tyson has appeared more frequently than most of the other people on MrBeast's team, often participating in the YouTube channel's prank videos and stunts. Not only that, but Tyson has also become a YouTube personality in his own right, acting as the host for the Beast Reacts channel, in which he and MrBeast watch videos and share their honest opinions. Chris Tyson has recently become a hot topic on social media, as he's been explaining the changes in his style and sharing details of his journey with Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).

On April 6, a Twitter user shared two side-by-side photos of Chris Tyson and asked what had happened to cause such recent changes in the content creator's appearance. Although the comments in the original post were filled with some unsavory jokes at Chris Tyson's expense, Tyson took this as an opportunity to update fans on his life. He responded very matter-of-factly that he has been undergoing Hormone Replacement Therapy for a couple of months now.

The post was immediately met with support and excitement from the community. There were some dissenting opinions among the bunch, but they seemed to be mostly drowned out by the well-wishers, which included some MrBeast channel mainstays and other content creators. Nolan Hansen expressed how proud he was of Chris for the post. Karl Jacobs encouraged Chris to ignore the haters and to "keep runnin your stuff," while neekolul was one of many to say they were so glad to see him happy and thriving.

However, this is not the first time Chris Tyson has addressed these important issues. He's made a number of posts in recent history that make his stance on gender-affirming care and trans right crystal clear.

Chris Tyson: 'Trans rights are human rights'

Last week, when responding to a fan asking if there were specific pronouns he preferred to use now, Chris Tyson explained to followers on Twitter that he doesn't feel any pressure to label themselves with a specific identity just yet. At this time, he's just happy to feel more like himself. However, Tyson also used his platform to say, in no uncertain terms, "trans rights are human rights." 

It appears as though the original post asking Tyson about his gender identity might have received some pushback from a number of his followers, as it was later deleted by that user. Tyson made a point to follow up on the post, asserting that he did no begrudge anyone asking about his gender identity, as long as they do it in a way that isn't confrontational. Referring to the person who asked about it in the first place, Tyson tweeted, "They did it in the nicest way possible and just wanted to genuinely know. Do not be mean to them. I just saw this as a good tweet to expand on."

In recent days, Chris Tyson has also updated his Twitter profile to say that he's happy with "any pronouns." Regular YouTube viewers have also seen that Tyson's sense of style has continue to evolve in his videos, with the creator sporting painted nails, longer hair, and a whole new wardrobe. It looks like Chris Tyson is feeling comfortable in his own skin, and fans are definitely noticing.

Chris Tyson speaks out on gender-affirming care

Chris Tyson has recently taken to using his platform to argue for gender-affirming care for all. In another post that generated a great deal of support from fans, Tyson responded to a post about proposed legislation that would make HRT and other necessary gender-affirming treatments illegal in many states. Tyson wrote, "informed consent HRT saved my and many others' lives. The hurdles [gender non-conforming] people have to jump through to get life-saving gender-affirming healthcare in a 1st world country is wild to me. Just let people make informed decisions about their own bodies."

On April 6, Tyson posted on his alt account that he was relieved to see people taking something positive away from his recent posts. Although the YouTuber has rarely shared details of his personal life in the past, he felt that this was an important topic to discuss with the public, and he was happy that some people were learning about the positive effects of Hormone Replacement Theory for the first time through his tweets. He also promised to continue updating fans as his journey of self-discovery continues.

In the meantime, Chris Tyson will continue to be seen having a blast on the Beast Reacts and mainline MrBeast channels.