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Tears Of The Kingdom Fans Are Making Hilariously Cursed Fuse Items

"The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom" is on the way and bringing an interesting new feature that's set to fix one of the major problems from "Breath of the Wild." In a recent gameplay preview of the new "Zelda" title, Nintendo showed off the ability to Fuse items together, combining different weapons to create unique new ones. For instance, the preview shows that Link can attach a stick to a rock and create a makeshift hammer. This is being hailed as a way to upgrade degraded weapons and avoid the frustration of losing coveted items to breakage. For some clever fans, however, this feature is more about the possibility of being creative and crafting some truly hilarious fused items.


While Nintendo may be focusing on the practical uses of the Fuse ability, intending for players to create new weapons or other tools to help them explore the world, some players are pushing the idea to the limits of practicality. Some are even drawing mockups of their imagined items and showing them off online. They aren't likely to be helpful in combat, but they certainly would make gameplay more interesting.

Gamers are imagining bizarre and ridiculous fusions

Almost immediately after the reveal of the new Fuse ability, images began to appear on social media showing off fan ideas for future fusions. From chicken shields to a crab knife, gamers are letting their imaginations run wild. One devoted player has even committed to coming up with a new Fusion every day until the game comes out and some of their early inventions are, depending on one's perspective, absolutely amazing for utterly cursed.


Redditor GameSpection began their journey with the concept of a fish boomerang, which received plenty of love on Reddit. It's hard to imagine being able to accurately throw something when it's that slippery and likely flopping around but, on the other hand, the fishy smell could distract enemies. GameSpection kept going however, giving eager fans lots of new concoctions to consider.

Since fish boomerang, we've seen sword pants, a fractal pitchfork, the adorable (yet deadly) fairy club. If GameSpection follows through on their commitment, there are dozens more to come before the game arrives. If nothing else, these creations prove that fan imaginations are boundless. The Fusion ability should be a source of much amusement when "Tears of the Kingdom" releases.


Day 2 of making custom fused items until the game comes out: Sword Pants
u/GameSpection in

Of course, Nintendo hasn't specified yet just how far Fusing will go. Some basic creations have been previewed, but it's currently unclear how open this system will be. It remains to be seen if living beings (like fairies) can actually be stitched to weapons. For now, fans can only hope that Nintendo has shown as much creativity as players when setting the parameters for this ability.