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Why Isn't Shipment 24/7 A Permanent Playlist In Modern Warfare 2?

"Modern Warfare 2" debuted with a lukewarm reception, partly due to its map selection – but one map appeared in "Modern Warfare 2" post-release that gamers couldn't help but love. That map is none other than the recurring "Call of Duty" classic, Shipment.

Shipment is a map that offers fast-paced and intense action with minimal downtime. Because the map is incredibly small, players constantly encounter enemies and engage in combat. And what better game type for fans of the map to play than Shipment 24/7, a game type that only features Shipment?

Unfortunately, however, despite its uniqueness and gamers' love for it, Shipment 24/7 isn't available all the time. The game type is instead rotated as a weekly playlist. Gamers were not pleased to hear that this game mode would not be a permanent fixture as in previous gamesand wanted to know when Shipment is coming to "MW2." Fans were so angry that they periodically made petitions to have Infinity Ward return the game mode. So why was this fan-favorite mode not added as a permanent game mode in "Modern Warfare 2?"

It's unclear but fans have their theories

It's clear that Infinity Ward does not want players solely playing Shipment 24/7. Although there are a few theories about why Infinity Ward feels this way, there has yet to be a concrete answer. One idea is that Infinity Ward removes the map periodically to get players to try other game types, as its removal no doubt spreads out players to help fill lobbies in less popular game types.

A more popular theory is that Infinity Ward wants to slow down how fast players level up. Players often use Shipment 24/7 to level up their weapons quickly and earn experience points, as it's one of the best ways to level up due to its non-stop action. Although Shoothouse 24/7 replaces Shipment 24/7 on off weeks, it isn't as small as Shipment, making it less efficient for leveling up. This in turn keeps players wanting to know when Shipment is coming to "MW2" again.

But things may be changing. On April 5, Infinity Ward tweeted a poll asking players what playlist they want to see in the next update, and Extended Shipment got a whopping 67 percent of the almost 60k votes. According to Infinity Ward, Extended Shipment "doubles the base score limits for longer matches." This would make it an even better game type to level up weapons and skins. And many are hopeful that this recent poll will finally convince Infinity Ward to add Shipment 24/7 as a permanent game type.