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Hogwarts Legacy: Guide To Get Finishing Touches Achievement

There is a plenitude of unlockable achievements in "Hogwarts Legacy," including some that are quite obscure and challenging. Take the Finishing Touches "Hogwarts Legacy" achievement, for example, which requires a serious commitment to ancient magic, an important plot and gameplay aspect of "Hogwarts Legacy," to unlock.


To unlock the Finishing Touches achievement, players have to use ancient magic on every single normal enemy in "Hogwarts Legacy." So far, under 15% of players have managed to accomplish this feat. Clearly, this sounds like a grueling process, but there are a few notes that make it a little more approachable.

First off, "Hogwarts Legacy" gamers don't have to use ancient magic on every enemy, just every normal enemy. This means bosses and infamous foes don't count. This takes a bit of the heat off, but with 34 regular enemies throughout the game, getting the Finishing Touches achievement still requires some intense work.

It's important to note that on every platform that "Hogwarts Legacy" is available on, save PlayStation consoles, fails to keep track of which enemies have been the victim of a player's ancient magic. This means non-PS gamers going for the Finishing Touches achievement would be wise to keep their own list. All that's left to gain this achievement is knowing exactly who to target — here's how it's done.


Patience puts the finishing touches on the Finishing Touches Achievement

The 34 enemies in "Hogwarts Legacy" who require the use of ancient magic to unlock the Finishing Touches "Hogwarts Legacy" achievement range widely in their locations. Persistence is a necessity. Players can pursue the Ashwinders and poachers in Bandit camps. There are six Ashwinders, including assassins, duelists, executioners, rangers, scouts, and soldiers. As for poachers, these include animaguses, duelists, executioners, rangers, stalkers, and trackers. Just in one type of location, players can knock out over a third of the enemies required for the Finishing Touches achievement.


Next come goblin loyalists, known to dwell in mining camps, including assassins, commanders, sentinels, warriors, and rangers. There's just one inferius required for this achievement, which can be found in a nest, treasure area, or when summoned by an Ashwinder assassin.

Beyond there, it's onto the swamps, the shore, or the nests where dugbogs live, including cottongrass, great spined, and stoneback dugbogs. There are two required mongrels in the Forbidden Forest and their nests, including the classic mongrel and the dark mongrel.

Next, students should target the multiple spiders on the list. These include the thornback as well as venomous. Of each spider varietal, there are ambushers, matriarchs, scurriours, and shooters for a grand total of eight arachnids. Rounding out the quest are the forest, mountain, and river trolls, appropriately located in their lairs. 


It's not an overnight achievement, but using ancient magic on all of the aforementioned creatures at any point in battle will contribute towards the unlocking of Finishing Touches in "Hogwarts Legacy." It may not be the hardest achievement in the game, but it certainly comes close.