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The Hogwarts Legacy Trophy That's Practically Impossible To Get

Perfecting a game isn't as simple as beating it. For most achievements in games, players have to go back through already-played content again, just to track down every last collectible and top pry open alternate paths. In fact, "trophy hunting" is something of a hobby for PlayStation fans who purposefully play short, achievement-light, or exploitable games to earn as many Platinum trophies as possible. But some games definitely take a lot longer to Platinum, thanks to their sheer amount of content or the outrageous demands of their achievements.

"Hogwarts Legacy" is far from a short game, and because it's a well-marketed AAA adventure RPG, most are well aware of this before going into it. RPGs can be lengthy, but for many games getting that Platinum is as simple as collecting some key items and beating the game once or twice. But trophy hunters beware: "Hogwarts Legacy" is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the hardest titles to 100% thanks to an achievement that asks players to do the near-impossible: collect every collectible and complete every collection in the game. 

Now, this achievement sounds like pretty standard stuff compared to other open-world adventure RPGs. "Elden Ring" is a notoriously long RPG that has several achievements related to completing collections, like all Legendary weapons and sorceries. But in the 2022 Game of the Year, these collections are usually made up of fewer than 10 items, and players don't have to collect everything in the Lands Between to get the Platinum. 

Not so in the Wizarding World, however. For the cleverly named "Collector's Edition" achievement in "Hogwarts Legacy," players must find practically every single collectible piece in the game.

To 100% Hogwarts Legacy, players have to find more than 600 collectibles

The daunting task of fully completing "Hogwarts Legacy" certainly doesn't feel less ominous knowing that less than 5% of players have the "Collector's Edition" achievement. And though the game has only been out for just over a month, one would expect more players to have delved into the depths of the storied castle's grounds by now. But for this achievement, players have to fully complete 10 different collections, some of which have more than 100 individual things players must encounter or pick up.

Yes, much like the "Batman: Arkham" games, which asked players to grab an increasing number of hard-to-find Riddler trophies, "Hogwarts Legacy" doesn't exactly put all of its collectibles in plain sight. Some of them can be found in obscure corners of the castle grounds, while others have to be discovered with the use of specific charms. It really takes some doing to track them all down — and that's only if the game is actually cooperating with you!

The wild checklist that is Hogwarts Legacy collecting

The Collection for Tools encompasses potions and plants players use, and numbers just 10 in total that must be registered, and there are only 13 beasts that need to be rescued and 13 broom cosmetics to find. But players must also defeat all 65+ enemy types, find all 75 traits, unlock all 89 appearances, and find hundreds of Spellcrafts and Revelio Field Guide Pages, too. Revelio Pages, in particular, are only found when players specifically look for them with the eponymous spell, so to locate 150 of them is a true treasure hunt.

In total, there are more than 600 individual items, abilities, or encounters to be found, which is nothing out of the ordinary for an open-world RPG. But "Hogwarts Legacy" makes players collect practically every one of these major items to get the 100% trophy. It's only been about a month since release, so we may yet see more players go for the Platinum, but this ridiculous achievement certainly doesn't make it easier — especially since it was broken for a great number of players.

Unfortunately, there have been a few more hurdles in getting this trophy

For the first few weeks of the game's release, a bug in the PS5 release of the game prevented many "Hogwarts Legacy" players from claiming the "Collector's Edition" trophy. In other words, some players managed to fully overturn every nook and cranny of Hogwarts, only to find that the game itself didn't recognize their feat. A patch was issued in late February 2023 that rectified this issue, allowing new players to nab the trophy once they met all the requirements. Even better, as explained by Avalanche Studios community manager Chandler Wood, the update also awarded players who'd already put the work in with the trophy they'd been coveting.

Of course, this update didn't fix every issue, as some of the commenters in the thread noted a few other bugs stood in their way of the "Collector's Edition" trophy. Some players ran into glitches that prevented them from finishing particular side missions or reaching certain areas of the map containing collectibles, which in turn stifled their quest progress. Avalanche has reassured players that the studio will continue to update the game going forward, meaning more players should be able to painstakingly earn this achievement in the near future.