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Hogwarts Legacy: Easy Way To Defeat Ashwinder Rangers

Players making their way through "Hogwarts Legacy" will soon encounter the evil gang of dark wizards known as the Ashwinders. While these fights will start off easy enough, they will soon grow more challenging as new types of Ashwinders begin showing up and forcing Hogwarts students to adapt and develop new strategies. Among the foes that could pose a significant challenge are the deadly Ashwinder Rangers.

Covering their faces like other Ashwinders but wearing distinctive green hats, these Ashwinders are masters of the Petrificus Totalus spell. If players aren't careful, Rangers will hit them from off-screen, temporarily disabling them and making them vulnerable to follow-up attacks from the Ranger or some of their allies. When encountering these Ashwinders, it's important to finish them off quickly before they can disrupt the flow of combat and make it harder to finish off the rest of an Ashwinder group.

Fortunately, while the Rangers can be dangerous foes, they also have notable weaknesses. By removing the Rangers from their comfort zones, these weaknesses can be exploited to defeat them easily before moving on to other opponents.

Keep them close and disabled

Ashwinder Rangers may be dangerous when at a distance and on the offensive, but they're severely lacking when it comes to defensive magic. They have no Protego shields of any type so they're vulnerable to attacks at all times with no need to bring their defenses down first. This makes them good targets to focus on early and much easier to keep them disabled while their being taken down.

When first encountering an enemy mob that includes Ashwinder Rangers, players should prioritize them immediately. The best start is to pull them in close with Accio. This will keep them in view, so they can't surprise the player with long-range attacks, and it will also keep them suspended in the air for several seconds. Once the Ranger has been pulled in, players can then start dealing out damage.

From there, gamers should keep the Ranger continuously disabled, hitting them with other spells like Levioso, Flipendo, or Glacio, so they can't fight back or flee. Finally, when they've been worn down, the Ranger can be finished off with a good damaging spell like Confringo or Diffindo. Any student who's been building the best spell loadouts possible is likely to have most of these spells ready to go at any time.

With this strategy, Ashwinder Rangers should be finished off quickly, and players can move on to the Duelists, Executioners, and other Ashwinders who are threatening them.