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Hogwarts Legacy's Dungeons Are Leaving Fans Disappointed

Many fans have been disappointed by the dungeons on offer in Avalanche Software's "Hogwarts Legacy." The early discourse about the game seemed to revolve almost entirely around the controversies surrounding the IP's creator, but fans are starting to open up with a few critiques on the game's design now that it's been out for a few months.

Early critical reviews of the game praised its combat and exploration while lamenting its technical issues and ease of play. SVG's own review of "Hogwarts Legacy" cited a similar experience, claiming that the open world was full of all kinds of fun side content, but that it was an "average adventure game experience that doesn't bring anything new to the table" overall. Still, the PS5 version of the game currently enjoys a score of 84 on Metacritic and an 8.8 User score. But while a majority of fans' critical responses have been positive, that doesn't mean that there aren't parts of it that could have used a bit more work.

The game's dungeons seem to have become a focal point for this sentiment. Several gamers have come forward to express their disappointment with their lackluster design, especially considering how grand and expansive the game's overworld is. Here's what they had to say.

Hogwarts Legacy dungeons lack complexity

The biggest issue that fans have with the dungeons seems to be that their overall design is pretty unremarkable. Most of them aren't the complex mazes full of puzzles and challenges that a gamer could expect from something more akin to "Skyrim." Instead, most of the dungeons are straightforward tunnels that end in loot. The main objective is to find the dungeons — not to explore or navigate them once found.

Reddit user lapinobel made a post stating that this was their biggest disappointment in the game. "They are about 99% the same, just a small corridor leading down to a right/left/right with a treasure," they said. "I mean, look at the dungeons in "Skyrim" which were each in itself a small game world to explore." They weren't alone in their opinion either. Several commenters seemed to agree and others took their voices to Twitter to sound their complaints.

In an argument over whether the side content in "Ghostwire Tokyo" was repetitive, user @TheGamingLecher compared it to "Hogwarts Legacy," stating, "Bro [Hogwarts] is highly repetitive[.] I am talking side content. Things outside of the main game. But the lil small dungeons seem pointless. The secrets keep it interesting but it's not enough of them."

This doesn't undo any of the good things about the game, but it's definitely something that Avalanche Software could approve upon in future titles.