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Octopath Traveler 2: Secondary Job Locations & How To Unlock Them

The reviews are in, and it looks like "Octopath Traveler 2" builds the successful formula of its predecessor to present a polished product that, while not necessarily doing anything particularly new with the series, nevertheless culminates in a solid sequel to satisfy the fans. The main gameplay loop remains more or less the same with a few small changes and improvements — perhaps unsurprisingly, the traditional-style job system has gone almost completely untouched save for a few elements. There are still eight main jobs and four advanced jobs, all of which can be equipped as secondary jobs in addition to a character's primary. As in "Octopath Traveler," secondary jobs don't award any path actions or affect the characters' appearances in the overworld. 


However, this time around, the player can unlock up to three licenses of all the eight main jobs, meaning that different characters can equip the same secondary job at the same time. The secondary job licenses are unlocked via guilds instead of shrines — here's where to find all eight main "Octopath Traveler 2" secondary job locations and four advanced job licenses to equip as secondary jobs in "Octopath Traveler 2."

Where to find the 8 main job guilds

The good news is that all eight main job guilds can be found in the same region as the character who permanently holds that job, making it a breeze to find all "Octopath Traveler 2" secondary job locations. The bad news is that all of them are located in or past areas above danger level 30, meaning you can't unlock them right away. Still, as gaining the first license requires nothing more than simply talking to the guildmaster, it's best to try and visit as soon as you're comfortable risking the higher levels.

  • Hunter: Toto'haha | Western Tropu'hopu Traverse | Located inside the ruins to the west, past an entrance found along a treeline to the left.
  • Apothecary: Harborlands | Conning Creek | Located in the building south of the Conning Creek Inn.
  • Thief: Brightlands | Clockbank: Industrial District | Located past an arched entrance that's beneath a raised stone pathway and marked by three crates at the front — guildmaster is only present at night.
  • Scholar: Winterlands | Western Winterbloom Snows | Located in a brick cabin found by traveling to the far west across the snowfield and then north past the steps.
  • Merchant: Wildlands | Western Crackridge Wilds | Located on a ledge in the north, past a land bridge and a wooden bridge when starting from the west exit of Crackridge.
  • Dancer: Leaflands | Wellgrove | Located in a small building at the top of the stairs to the north.
  • Cleric: Crestlands | Borderfall | Located in the church to the north past the rope bridge.
  • Warrior: Hinoeuma| Sai | Located in the dojo to the north.

How to grab extra licenses for the main jobs

While the first license of any job comes free, the extra two are obtained by fulfilling specific tasks:

  • Hunter:
    • Obtain Quicksand Monster's Liver (dropped by the final boss of the Quicksand Gaol in Hinoeuma).
    • Obtain Sea Monster's Whisker (dropped by the Scourge of the Seas boss in the whirlpool of the Sundering Sea).
  • Apothecary:
    • Collect 3 Herb-of-Grace Buds (purchased for 5940 leaves total in the New Delsta Flats Black Market).
    • Collect 3 Primeval Horn Elixirs (dropped by or stolen from the Devil Deer found in the House Wellows Manor on South Timberain Trail).
  • Thief:
    • Steal a Thieves' Gem (found on an old man near the entrance of Clockbank during daytime).
    • Steal a Master Thief's Sapphire Stone (chest drop inside the Shipwreck of the Empress in the Sundering Sea).
  • Scholar:
    • Collect 5 Ancient Sentinel Cores (dropped by and stolen from Remnants in the Wandering Wood in Toto'haha).
    • Collect 5 Almighty Soulstones (stolen from Elementals found around the Scholar's Guild at night).
  • Merchant:
    • Pay 100,000 leaves.
    • Pay 300,000 leaves.
  • Dancer/Warrior:
    • Learn the Job's Divine Skill on two characters for one license each.
  • Cleric:
    • Obtain a High Priest's Amulet (dropped by the first boss in the Starfall Springs dungeon in the Eastern Cropdale Trail, in the Leaflands).
    • Obtain a High Priest's Book of Scripture (dropped by the Dreadwolf boss in the Infernal Castle of the Winterlands — requires three NPC party members recruited via Partitio, Agnea, or Ochette's abilities to access the entrance).

Where to find the 4 advanced jobs

Unlike the main jobs, the advanced jobs can only be equipped to one character at a time, and they have more stringent unlock requirements.

The Armsmaster job is unlocked in Gravell, in the Wildlands. Defeat the Debt Collector loitering around the front of a house with a nonlethal Path Action, enter, and speak to the Retired Blacksmith to start the "In Search of the Divine Weapons" side story. The first Rusty Weapon you bring back will earn you the Proof of the Armsmaster.


The Arcanist job can be unlocked after recruiting Partitio to your party and acquiring the Grand Terry through his path quest, "The Scent of Commerce: Tropu'hopu." Sail to the Lost Isle in the Sundering Sea (you will need to defeat the Scourge of the Sea boss if you haven't already) and climb up the ladder leading to a sign. Walk straight left over an invisible path that will lead you straight to the Arcanist Descendant, who will give you the Proof of the Arcanist.

The Conjurer job is unlocked by completing the side story, "A Tower of Trials." First, you'll need to complete Hikari's storyline. Then, travel to Ku in Hinoeuma and enter the Five-Tiered Tower inside Castle Ku. Defeating all five bosses within will earn you the Proof of the Conjurer.


The Inventor job can be unlocked in the Eastern New Delsta Highroad in the Brightlands. Head to a house in the southeast, speak to the inhabitant, Arkar, and he will give you the Proof of the Inventor.