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Octopath Traveler 2 Guide: Where To Find Buttermeep Jerky

Each character in "Octopath Traveler 2" has unique quirks and different stories to keep the game interesting. One of Ochette's more, ahem, defining character traits is her overt love for cured meats: Namely, jerky.

On her quest for Tera, Ochette runs across a man, slumped on the ground, named Pom. Pom will tell Ochette that yes, he knows where Tera is, but he'll only fork over this information for a price. He's a hungry lad, after all! And hungry lads need jerky, especially the fragrant jerky from a Buttermeep. So, to learn the whereabouts of Tera (and get its drop — the Guardian's Great Axe), Ochette and company will need to track down these pig-like creatures, Buttermeeps, capture at least one, and turn it into jerky. To find them, the party needs to head to the Crackridge Wilds — particularly the Western Crackridge Wilds though the Southern Wilds should also have Buttermeep. Fortunately, it doesn't matter if it's night or day: The Buttermeep can be found at any time.

Get the fragrant jerky in the Western Crackridge Wilds

Players who accidentally go the wrong way will get a redirect. The active character will stop and state that they won't find Buttermeep in that direction and should go ahead and check the Western Crackridge Wilds. Fortunately, the danger level of this area is relatively low (at level 28), and the Buttermeeps are similarly easy to catch. A few hits and players should be able to catch them. Once the pig, er, thing has taken a little damage, Ochette will be able to use Beast Lore and then Capture to nab the creature. Even better, Ochette can choose not to capture the beast, and then immediately Prepare it. This will turn it into one Buttermeep jerky, mysteriously named "Aromatic Jerky." Otherwise, Ochette can store the beast and then Prepare the jerky once she reaches Pom. Upon crafting the meat, Ochette will comment that she had better take the dish to Pom before it "mysteriously disappears." 

All that's left to do is give Pom the stinky — rather, aromatic — jerky, and voila! Well, not quite voila. He'll eat the dish, wax poetic about its deliciousness, and only then divulge the location of Tera. Tera may not be one of the hardest bosses in "Octopath Traveler 2," but it'll certainly be more of a challenge than those Buttermeeps.