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Resident Evil 4 Remake Mercenaries DLC: All Current Unlockables & Rewards

The Mercenaries mode for the "Resident Evil 4 Remake" is finally here after launching as a free DLC post-launch. Now gamers can spend hours fending off hordes of enemies in hopes of attaining a high score, just as they did back in 2005. But upon booting up the mode, players will notice that this bonus game type, like everything else in the remake, has received some tweaks that differentiate it from the original.


The biggest change was how the mode is unlocked, as players no longer have to complete the game to gain access. The Mercenaries also made changes to the mode's roster — but not all of the characters are unlocked from the get-go. Instead, players need to complete special challenges in the mode to unlock them.

The Mercenaries also brought back the special reward weapon attainable by hitting some seriously high scores. Here are all the "Resident Evil 4 Remake" Mercenaries unlockables and rewards.

Characters, stages, and a special gun

Like in the original mode, The Mercenaries lets players take control of more than just Leon. The first character players can unlock is Luis Serra, the Spanish biologist and tritagonist of the remake. Although Luis struggles with close-range combat, he excels in Mayhem mode thanks to his unique dynamite ability. Players unlock Luis by completing any stage with a rank A or higher as Leon.


The next unlockable character is antagonist Jack Krauser. Unlike Luis, Krauser has no issue with close-quarter combat and even has an explosive crossbow to boot. Players unlock Krauser by getting a rank A or higher as Luis on any stage. The final unlockable character is Hunk, the submachine-toting soldier that gains unlimited ammo in Mayhem mode. Hunk is unlocked by completing a map using Krauser with a rank A or higher.

There are two maps to unlock in The Mercenaries mode, The Castle and The Island. Thankfully these are easy to unlock. Players unlock The Castle upon completing the standard Village map once while The Island is unlocked after completing The Castle at least once.

Finally, there is a powerful weapon players can unlock by partaking in The Mercenaries mode. The Handcannon, the iconic revolver from the original, returns as an unlockable gun in The Mercenaries mode. Players can unlock the gun by snagging an S rank on all three stages. This means players have to exceed 200k points on each run.