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Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Download Cards Show Off New Unknown Characters

"Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom" is nearly here, and some stores in Japan have already started selling cards containing download codes, which will presumably become activated when the game launches on May 12. These cards are typically sold either to be given as gifts or else to give players a method of purchasing a digital version of the game using physical currency. They come in cardboard sleeves that feature artwork from the game in order to protect the codes on the cards within. Most gamers have probably seen some version of these cards in their local game store at one point or another, but what's exciting about these cards, in particular, is that recent photos have surfaced revealing that some of the sleeves bear images of characters, one of whom may have yet to make an appearance in any of the game's other promotional materials.

"Tears of the Kingdom" is easily the most anticipated Nintendo title of the year, so it goes without saying that fans are eager for any piece of news that they can find about what to expect when it finally arrives. But even those who've already scoured the final trailer for all of its most exciting details still probably won't recognize one of these new additions.

Two new characters are featured on the cards

Several characters have already been announced for the game. In addition to the main cast, side characters like Sidon the Zora Prince and the archer Tulin of the Rito tribe are also going to be a part of the game. But it isn't a hundred percent clear who these new characters are.

One of them appears to be the Hylian woman with long blond or white hair (the picture isn't super clear) who made a brief appearance in the final trailer. Her shoulders are covered in markings that are similar to many of the runes that Link encountered on the shrines littered throughout Hyrule. The other character's origin is completely unknown. They have white hair and large white ears, similar to those of a fennec, and their skin is a granite shade of black. They don't appear to be Hylian, Sheikah, or Twili and may belong to a new tribe that has yet to be introduced into the franchise.

There isn't any information about these characters on the card, so it remains to be seen exactly how important they will end up being in the game's story. Some have speculated that the person of unknown origin may be the same person as some of the masked characters that have appeared in the trailer. They have similar clothing and the masks bear similar markings. We won't know for sure until the game finally arrives.