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This Incredible Pokémon Fan Remake Has Gamers Ready For A Series Overhaul

Since the release of "Octopath Traveler," fans of 2D RPGs have been treated to many adaptations and new games that use its HD-2D visual style. Square Enix's trademarked HD2D visual style maintains the soul of 2D, sprite-based JRPGs within a 3D environment, giving a layer of depth to these traditionally flat games. The additional special effects like depth of field, bloom, lighting, and other shaders turn games like "Triangle Strategy" and the remake of "Live a Live" into pure pixel eye candy. Though Square Enix has trademarked the term and the tools it uses to create this effect, it's inspired some fans to adapt the general style and bring their favorite classics to the modern era.

3D pixel artist Dott is the latest to bring the HD2D style to one of the most revered JRPG series of all time — "Pokémon." Developed in Unreal Engine 5, Dott's remake of Pallet Town shows the player — who looks like Ash — running around a small town. Dott also showed off a remastered Vermillion City and the opening moments as the player leaves home. Though the new effects, depth, and mix of 2D and 3D are gorgeous to look at, the visual style doesn't really resemble "Pokémon" at all. 

The demo footage excited some fans who would love to see a remaster of the original "Pokémon" games in this iconic style, but others aren't convinced. As some fans point out, "Pokémon" is traditionally vibrant and cartoony, and adapting the 90's originals with the HD2D engine might not be a good fit.

Fan responses were a mix of enthusiasm and disinterest

Dott's fan remakes of Pallet Town and Vermillion City have stirred up some fans of the series, whose responses to the video ranged from excited to unenthused. Viewers in the comments of the video said that an HD2D remake could be exactly what the series needs, that it represents what "Pokémon" could become if it didn't abandon the 2D graphics of its early entries. YouTuber Alpharad said they would sell their soul for a HD2D remake of the original "Pokémon" games — a bold claim, but that price might be too high for some. 

Though many asked to see more of the game remade in the acclaimed style of "Octopath Traveler 2" and its ilk, others were not so sure that the same visual style would work for "Pokémon." One user called the HD2D engine "homogenized slop," a sentiment echoed by another who said that the style is so ugly that "it's impossible to tell this is Pokémon."

Nevertheless, the artist Dott still plans to release more of the game remade in Unreal Engine 5 with this style, as evidenced by a series of posts showing off other locations. This time, the artist teased Ecruteak City from "PokémonGold" and "Silver." Though we don't know if the creator plans to turn this project into a full-fledged "Pokémon" remake, the chances are slim without getting Game Freak's approval — Nintendo is known to be quite litigious against those who mod its trademarked properties, after all.