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Fortnite Fans Split On New Aim-Assist Pistol

The latest iteration of the never-ending aim-assist controversy in "Fortnite" has arrived in the form of the Lock On Pistol, a new gun added in the latest update to the game. As its name implies, the pistol comes with an automatic lock-on mechanic that allows players to land shots without having to keep a steady aim on moving targets or even be able to see hidden ones. It can stay locked on for as far as 50 meters, deal partial damage through vehicles, and even shoot down players hiding in leaf piles. As you can probably already imagine, its addition has caused something of a stir within the game's extremely passionate playerbase.


There are, of course, the fans celebrating the addition, while others are sarcastically slamming the pistol as a glorified aim-assist tool for unskilled players. In a surprising turn of events, however, a large number of fans seem to fall into a third opinion: that the Lock On Pistol is a lackluster weapon that doesn't warrant the kind of uproar one might expect an aim-assist weapon to incite.

The Lock On pistol is just not that good

In contrast to the initial reaction to the Lock On Pistol's reveal, its actual introduction to the game was met with something of a lackluster reception. A number of players on Reddit have reported that they hadn't even seen the weapon in play since the update, and some even admitted to having promptly ignored it after unlocking it. 


It seems that, despite how overpowered the gun sounds on paper, its namesake lock-on mechanic has too long of a wind-up and too limited of a payoff (only four shots) to make it feel truly useful in a fast-paced game like "Fortnite." There are even a few players calling for the weapon to be buffed so that it can see actual use in competitive matches, including "Fortnite" streamers like Nick Eh 30.

Of course, the gun does have its uses — according to some players, it can be extremely hard to counter in long-range situations during which a target must rely on shields or nearby hiding spots. However, as some have pointed out, any ranged weapon can excel against unsuspecting and undefended targets at a distance, and the lock-on mechanic doesn't offer any notable edge beyond the persistent targeting.


It's unclear at this time if Epic Games has any plans to alter the Lock On Pistol's current power levels, but some fans have already made up their minds against using it.