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The OG Legend Of Zelda For NES Has Been VR'd (And It Looks Amazing)

Not only is virtual reality great for immersing gamers in gorgeous next-gen worlds, but it also has another equally impressive use. VR can provide players with a new way to experience old titles they grew up playing and loving. For example, the original survival horror classic "Resident Evil 4" was ported to VR long before the remake hit shelves. But it's not just big devs getting in on the action. The community has also stepped up and done some porting of its own, bringing some of the greatest retro games to VR.


Recently, the green tunic-wearing hero himself has made his debut on VR. This new mod allows players to play through the original NES classic "The Legend of Zelda" completely in VR. As a result, players are free to roam around and view the world of Hyrule through Link's eyes. And seeing the world of Hyrule from a first-person view breathes new life into the game, offering a unique experience that can't be found elsewhere. And, of course, there are plenty of enemies to slay.

Shown below is some gameplay footage of "The Legend of Zelda" VR mod, titled "The Legend of Doom," in addition to instructions on how to install the mod.

Link goes VR

Talented modder DeTwelve faithfully recreated "The Legend of Zelda" in its entirety for virtual reality, and it looks a lot better than what the Virtual Boy could deliver. The accompanying video showcases that players can not only explore but also fight. Gamers can do everything from swinging a sword to firing a bow using VR controls. And every original enemy is present in all their chunky pixel glory, from the rock-shooting Octorok and the sword-wielding Stalfos skeletons to dungeon bosses such as Aquamentus. In addition, NPCs such as the old man who delivers the iconic, "It's dangerous to go alone! Take this," are also present in this VR port.


For those who wish to install this mod themselves on their Quest 2, the process is easy. First, players need to install QuestZDoom via Sidequest. QuestZDoom is the popular Doom engine for VR that makes this all possible. Then from there, gamers must open QuestZDoom on their headsets and go to "Download Core Games," then download "FreeDom." Then under "Download Map Packs / TC" on the same menu, download "Legend of Doom." After everything has been installed, all that's left is to open up "FreeDoom," select "Legend of Doom," and then "Go To Hell."

If everything was done correctly, nothing now stands between the player and an unforgettable first-person "Zelda" experience.