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Details In The Witcher Season 3 Teaser Only Gamers Noticed

"The Witcher" is finally returning for a third season on Netflix, and the show's newest trailer promises that everything is going to change. That's definitely true in more ways than one. Not only will this season introduce a number of new dangers for Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri to face, but it also marks lead actor Henry Cavill's final season in the lead role of Geralt of Rivia. After this season, the protagonist will be played by Liam Hemsworth, which has proven to be a controversial creative decision. 


But there's some good news for fans who are sad to see Henry Cavill go: Season Three of "The Witcher" will be broken up into two distinct chapters, meaning viewers will be able to savor his final stretch of episodes. The first five episodes will premiere on June 29, with the final three installments following on July 27. Not only that, but the focus of this season will be extra exciting for fans of the video game series' breakout entry, "The Witcher 3." In fact, there are a few moments in this trailer that might only have been noticed by hardcore fans of the games.

The Wild Hunt arrives

Though they were previously glimpsed at the tail end of the second season of Netflix's "The Witcher," Season Three is officially introducing the scariest enemies from the source material: the Wild Hunt. The titular enemies of third "Witcher" game, the Wild Hunt are an ethereal band of elven warriors who make it their mission to hunt down Ciri and steal her blood in hopes of saving their own world. Naturally, this puts the Wild Hunt in direct conflict with Geralt, who refuses to let them put their hands on Ciri. 


The Wild Hunt can be seen early on the trailer, galloping after Ciri and leaving a spectral trail of mist in their wake. It remains to be seen if they will be a looming threat in every episode, but the group certainly leaves an impression. Geralt mentions at the top of the trailer that this is the first time he's ever truly been afraid, so it sounds like the Wild Hunt will be every bit as terrifying in the show as they were in the novels and games.

Is that Nibbles the Cat?

Rience is back, and it looks like he's leaving no tavern un-scorched in his own hunt for Ciri. In the second season, the mysterious mage tortured fan-favorite bard Jaskier to try and learn of Ciri's whereabouts, so we know he's a pretty unforgiving dude. However, this new trailer seems to imply that Rience might have a soft spot for cats. At one point in the trailer, Rience can be seen leaving a burning building with an adorable feline in tow — and some fans think this cat is a bigger deal than they may seem.


Fans of "The Witcher 3" will no doubt remember Nibbles, a curious charcoal-colored cat who takes a liking to Geralt and can be encountered multiple times throughout the game and its expansions. Until "The Witcher" dev CD Projekt stated otherwise, fans even theorized that Nibbles was much more important than he appeared, with some believing he could even be a shapeshifting spy of some kind. It certainly didn't help curb these conspiracies when CD Projekt then included a cat named Nibbles in "Cyberpunk 2077," muddying the mythology even further.

The cat Rience is holding is certainly a bit fluffier than Nibbles is in the game, but they appear to have the same chill personality. Not many cats would be so relaxed when being picked up by a stranger in the midst of a fiery blaze, so it's a good chance this is the show's take on Nibbles.


Geralt's sword gets a major upgrade

Geralt assures viewers that he's changed since they last saw him. While much of that change might focus on his mindset, there is one visible difference showcased by the teaser trailer: his sword. The sword itself largely looks the same, but a green gem glows with an eerie light as Geralt unsheathes it. The gem might mean any number of things in the Netflix series, but it sure looks like a rune sword. In "The Witcher" games, rune swords are created when a magical rune is branded into a sword to channel its power. As eagle-eyed viewers will note, Geralt's sword also appears to have some runic writing on the blade. Rune swords can feature up to three gems that provide magical enhancements to the weapon.


Different gems have varying properties. For example, a sword with three Earth runes might have a greater chance of knocking down an opponent with the power of immovable stone. Enchanting swords with runes provides them with altered abilities, but it also produces a lovely glow, much like the sword Geralt wields in the teaser trailer. What does this mysterious sword do, and where did Geralt obtain it? The true answers likely lie in the new season.