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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor May Take 30+ Hours To Complete

"Star Wars Jedi: Survivor" is ready to launch and there are a lot of gamers out there wondering how much time they're going to be able to sink into it. The first game in the series, "Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order," was about 17 hours for the main story and about 30 hours for completionists. That's a pretty decent runtime, but early reviews suggest that it looks like "Survivor" might be even longer.

IGN's Dan Stapleton wrote that his playthrough of the game took approximately 30 hours. In fact, most early reports from reviewers who received advanced copies of the game seem to agree that it's around this long. That sounds pretty impressive for an action-adventure game, but there seems to be a bit of dissonance in the reports as to whether that is referring to a break-neck sprint through the campaign, or if that 30 hours accounts for players taking the time to complete side-quests, explore the various open areas and search for loot. Side content can add a lot to playtime, after all, so it could go a long way towards explaining the disparity in reported times. Some reviews state that the main story is a bit shorter, while others suggest that those who want to make the most of the game might actually be playing it for significantly longer.

The story may only be half the content

There are three reviewers that shared slightly more nuanced takes on the game's runtime. "For those just looking to blitz through the core path, you're likely looking at anywhere between 15-20 hours," Brad Norton of Dexerto stated. "But for those looking to tick every box and find every single hidden goodie, that duration bumps up to around 30 hours in total." This suggests that the previously mentioned 30 hour runtime is more of a completionist's run rather than a straightforward playthrough of the game. Other reviewers seem to think that "Survivor" can offer even more hours of entertainment, however.

Kotaku's Lucas White wrote – "Despite playing for around 30 hours before seeing Survivor's credits, I ended up leaving much of its world(s) unexplored" – seeming to imply that there was untouched content that could have taken his playtime even further. Alice Bell of Rock Paper Shotgun seemed to confirm this. She said that "Survivor" is "about 20 hours if you just rinse the story but upwards of 40 if you delve into every nook and cranny the desert temples, or everyone's [favorite] mega-city Coruscant, have to offer."

This seems like a good balance overall, as there appears to be plenty of content in the game's main campaign for those who choose to stick to the main story, but there's even more to do for those players who would prefer to spend as much time in the world as possible.