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Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores Ending Explained - What's Next For Aloy?

2022's "Horizon Forbidden West" drops a bombshell on players in its final moments. Just as she thwarts HADES and takes out the Far Zeniths, Aloy learns of the imminent arrival of Nemesis, the world-destroying AI that acted as the catalyst for the events of the series. Rather than fleeing Earth, Sylens decides to stick around and help Aloy come up with a plan of action. Meanwhile, the other key characters set out to warn the tribes of the nigh-certain doom headed their way.


This resolution paves the way for the PS5-exclusive DLC "Burning Shores." The short expansion follows a similar plot thread to "Forbidden West," casting Walter Londra, a surprise thirteenth Far Zenith, as its antagonist. Sylens sends Aloy to the titular Burning Shores, a location brimming with volcanic activity that once housed the city of Los Angeles. It also happens to be Londra's old stomping ground from before he left Earth for Sirius.

Through "Burning Shores," Guerrilla Games delivers some fresh character development for Aloy, introduces a new companion, and paves the way for the ultimate threat: Nemesis. But what does the developer want players to take away from the DLC and how will this influence the future of the franchise?


Seyka mirrors parts of Aloy's own story

Aloy encounters Seyka, a Quen marine, after getting shot out of the sky by a tower trap set up by Londra. Through Seyka, players get a continuation of the Quen plot thread established in "Forbidden West." A fellow outcast, she also serves as a sort of mirror for Aloy. As they interact, the protagonist has the chance to reflect on her past choices and relationships. Due to this common ground, they also form a quick connection.


It turns out that the remainder of the Quen also found themselves shipwrecked further down the California coast from their brethren. After landing in Burning Shores, they established a settlement and sent out scouting parties, one of which included Seyka's sister. None of the groups returned. When she discovered the dead body of one of their Diviners, Seyka disregarded the laws of her people and took his Focus. With it, she found a lead on the missing scouting parties.

Seyka's actions caused friction with the other Quen, some of whom eventually call for her expulsion from the group. She forges ahead despite this disapproval, teaming up with Aloy, a "barbarian," to do what she sees as right. Because of her refusal to give up, she discovers that Londra targeted the Quen scouts, manipulating and even brainwashing some of them into doing his bidding. With Aloy's help, she exposes Londra's true intentions and recovers her sister.


Despite her success, Seyka no longer feels certain of her place with the Quen by the end of "Burning Shores." Though she plans to help them return to their homeland, her time with Aloy shows her that her true path may lie in a different direction.

Walter Londra represents all that Aloy hates

Back in the 21st century, Walter Londra worked as a major player in the aerospace industry. Using the massive wealth his work generated, he invested heavily in holographic entertainment and even married a famous actress. The pair amassed quite the following, harnessing the attention of the mass media. While not confirmed, the Guerilla Games seems to have drawn some inspiration from Elon Musk to bring its villain to life.


As "Burning Shores" unfolds, the pieces of Londra's plan fall into place. He escaped Nemesis once and plans to do it again. By harnessing the capabilities of a Horus, he constructs a ship, complete with a power boost capable of sending him to the stars. Unfortunately, activating the boost will poison the surrounding region, killing everyone in it. But hey, they were going to die when Nemesis arrived anyway, right?

While the base game focused on the dark side of the wealthy elite, "Burning Shores" zooms in on the idolization of celebrities and the power of idols to use their platforms to manipulate others. Londra embodies this concept. He craves the status he enjoyed in the Old Word, and turns to brainwashing to create the perfect, biddable followers. He lives for adoration and will do anything, including killing thousands of people, to get what he wants.


In this way, he acts as a foil for Aloy, who rejected hero worship despite her painful early years as an outcast. Of all the Far Zeniths, she finds Londra's actions most repulsive, and he ultimately dies by her hand. While this can't undo the harm he has done, it does free the Quen who had fallen under his spell from further influence.

Aloy finds her own reasons to keep fighting

Rather than flee Earth with Tilda van der Meer at the close of "Forbidden West," Aloy chooses to stay and fight for her planet — despite the fact that she and its other denizens face destruction upon the arrival of Nemesis. While Aloy doesn't waver at this crucial moment, the events of both "Horizon" entries raise some questions about her motives.


The hunter has endured an onslaught of crushing setbacks, rejections, and losses, while also contending with constant reminders of the corruption and ceaseless quarrels of humanity. Faced with so much ugliness and inevitable doom, why does she keep fighting? Does Aloy herself know the answer to this question?

"Burning Shores" offers another look at the dangers of the self-serving super-rich but also presents Aloy with reminders of why Earth merits saving. Nature has reclaimed Los Angeles, gifting her with beautiful land and underwater environments to explore. Though the DLC still emphasizes the action and larger-than-life machine battles characteristic of the series, it also shines a light on Aloy's growing personal connections.


Seyka seems to open up a new side of the Seeker, giving her a companion who can match her in battle and who understands what it's like to feel like an outcast. Aloy wants to protect Seyka from the truth about Nemesis, but when she finally lays out the crushing reality, each inspires the other to keep going no matter the odds. After they take out Londra, Seyka reveals that she has romantic feelings for Aloy. Players can choose to rebuff the marine's feelings or embrace them, though each ending makes it clear that Aloy cares for Seyka.

Where does the Horizon series go from here?

Guerilla Games shared plans for a multiplayer online experience in the "Horizon" setting at the end of 2022. The game will center around a different character lineup, though Aloy could appear as a cameo like in "Call of the Mountain." While not officially announced, a separate message from the studio in April 2023 mentioned "Aloy's next adventure," basically confirming the presence of a sequel in the pipeline.


Seyka may not end up as Aloy's only relationship option in the next game. Guerilla may have simply used "Burning Shores" to test the waters for more romanceable companions in "Horizon 3." This might explain why the developers chose to include the plotline in a DLC rather than as part of the main campaign. No matter how the moment with Seyka resolves, Aloy still leaves to prepare for Nemesis' on-screen debut.

Upon defeating Londra, Aloy sends data from his personal implant to Sylens for analysis. He discovers that the deceased Far Zenith had explored possibilities for overcoming Nemesis. This leads him to a roster of Old World weapons manufacturers that might have created a weapon powerful enough to counter the AI. Sylens decides to look into the companies and even admits to Aloy that he can't stop Nemesis by himself.


It seems likely that the third "Horizon" installment will involve a race against the clock to follow Sylens' leads before Nemesis shows up. Given the emphasis on personal connections and teamwork in both "Forbidden West" and "Burning Shores," Aloy might have to reassemble her friends and organize the tribes into a united front. Due to the death of voice actor Lance Reddick, Sylens may play a less prominent role in the follow-up than Guerilla Games originally planned.