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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - How To Activate BD-1's Secret Turbo Zip Line Mode

There is a technique in "Star Wars Jedi: Survivor" that allows players to activate a secret turbo mode and slide down the steel zip line cables much faster than normal. Traversing the massive maps is one of the things players will be spending a lot of their time doing in "Survivor," so it makes sense that they'll want to be able to navigate them as quickly as possible. That way, they can spend more of their time exploring alien worlds and fighting the agents of the Empire and less time waiting for Cal and BD-1 to reach the end of their rope.


Most players seem to just jump onto the zip line in a blind leap of faith and hope that Cal reaches the bottom. Many of them don't even realize that they can exercise a bit more control over their hero's descent. There are actually a few different maneuvers that the young Jedi Knight can perform on these zip lines. The game explains early on in the game that they can leap from one to another in order to change directions, but it never actually tells them how to activate the game's turbo mode. This has led many players to go through almost the entire title without ever learning how to do it in spite of the fact that the trick is actually incredibly simple. Here's how to activate it.

Just hold the trigger

Unfortunately, many "Survivor" players have made it through nearly the entire game before they figured it out. There are different means of activating the boosted zip line mode depending on what platform the game is being played on. Those on PlayStation consoles simply need to hold R2 while Xbox players have to hold RT. Pressing and holding these triggers while BD-1 is out will cause the Jedi and his droid to fly down the zip line at a much faster pace. Players can also use the L2 and LT triggers to activate a break, which would allow the duo to slow and even stop during their descent, giving the player a much higher degree of control over their various ziplining exploits.


Dozens of Reddit users have expressed their shock and disbelief that this mode exists in the game and that they never realized it. One user said that they platinumed the entire game without ever learning that they could use turbo mode to speed along zips.

u/mozzy1985 from discussion
It took me to beat the game to figure this out but...

Respawn Entertainment is currently working on several patches to help offset the game's infamously buggy launch. They may eventually add a quick tutorial about this turbo zip line mode in the future, but it still seems a relative secret for now.