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Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom - How To Complete The Tukarok Shrine Puzzle

A veritable miracle of development, "Tears of the Kingdom" is full of dungeons (seven, to be precise) and tons of puzzles. Even critics agree that this game is a masterpiece — despite the fact that Korok seeds are back, making players worry about poop again (and torture Koroks in the process).


Part of the appeal is the puzzle-solving that the "Zelda" franchise is known for, and each shrine has a complex puzzle to be solved, including the Tukarok Shrine. Located within the Lanayru Wetlands, the shrine gives Link the Light of Blessing (as well as a Strong Zonaite Sword). To get these goodies, Link must use his Ultra Hand to navigate through the puzzle. Of course, first and foremost, Link needs to find the shrine, which is also called Forward Force. It isn't hard to locate, thankfully: Simply head southeast of the Wetland Stable South Well, skirt the big bad Moblin boss, and then open the shrine.

Jump down to get started

First things first: Link needs to get inside the Temple with his magical dead-person hand. Everyone, say a collective thank you to Rauru.

Once the Temple is opened, Link has to jump down (or climb, for cautious gamers) onto the lower platform. Then, Link needs to use Ultra Hand to grab the large stone orb that has orange glowing writing. Drag that bad boy and plop it onto the conveniently-placed four-wheeled cart. Next, have Link jump up and hit it with his sword. Proceed to ride it across the lava pit. Jump off when safely across, and then use Ultra Hand again to get the orb off the cart. Let's be clear: Just grab the orb and leave the cart to its fiery fate. Take a moment to pay your respects as it sinks beneath the lava, then haul your orb up the platform to the next room.


Keep using the orb with Ultra Hand

Now that Link has crossed the great chasm of lava (thanks again to Rauru and mystical Zonai floaty magic), he needs to drag the orb and drop it onto the rectangular protrusion high on the wall. Next, quickly attach it to the slab, so the orb won't go rolling off. Now it gets a little tricky.


Link needs to attach the wheel to the rectangular slab — but at the correct angle. Use Ultra Hand to lift and turn it until the arrow on the side of the wheel is facing forward (the direction that we want the slab to move, so up). In a nutshell, this arrow will show the way that the slab will move. Now, run forward and Ultra-Hand-grab the giant stone slab on the left wall. Drag that sucker back to the concoction Link has made up on the wall and angle it so that it aligns with the wheel. Finally, attach the slab to the wheel. This way, once it starts rolling, the slab will push off of the layered fences, propelling the whole monstrosity upwards. To get the ball rolling (ba-dum-dum), fire an arrow at the wheel. 


As the thing moves, Link can run to the far wall and climb the ladder there.

Jump through hoops and claim Link's reward

Once more, Link needs to grab just the orb and carry it down into the next room. Plop that sucker onto the closest raft, but don't leave yet. Run to the middle of the waterway, between the two walls, and grab the sunken treasure chest to get that spiffy sword. Now, grab one of the large planks of wood on the ground, rotate it until it is vertical, then attach it to the side of one of the wheels. Do the same for the other wheel. Use an arrow to get the makeshift boat going, and then climb the ladder on the far wall. Run, run, run across, and then glide down.


The boat will likely collapse, so Link may have to get creative to grab just the orb. Link can always use one of the planks on the side to sort of launch the ball into the air. Stand on the large button on the floor — but don't drop the orb. The doors will open, and Link needs to run through while carrying the orb, and then drop it into the golden-glowing pit. Voila! The final door will open up, and Link can once again use his magical dead-guy hand to get the Light of Blessing.