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Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom - How To Complete The In-Isa Shrine Challenge

"The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" kicks things off at a galloping pace. Link awakens with a new arm and is told to seek out a number of shrines that will unlock several new abilities, including Ultrahand, Ascend, and Fuse. To earn the last ability, Link must venture to the In-isa Shrine, which is located on the southwest corner of the Great Sky Island. Entering the shrine will kickstart the trial called "Ability to Combine." 


As withe the other starting shrines, the spirit of Rauru will appear and tell Link about what lies ahead: The hero must make his way to the end of the shrine by using his newfound power to Fuse. Only then will he receive the blessings of the shrine. 

As expected in a shrine that teaches Link (and players) how to Fuse weaponry together, it can be easy for new players to bite the dust pretty quickly if they don't play their cards right. Here's how to get through the In-isa Shrine and start fusing weapons with the best of them.

Link's first fusion and fire fruit

You'll be able to test out the Fuse ability immediately upon entering the first room of the shrine. Simply equip a stick or any sword in your inventory, then select the boulder in the first room. Fusing them together, you'll be able to swing your new weapon through the stone barricade just ahead and enter the next room.


Upon entering, head to the stone pillar on the far left corner. Smash it and kick open the treasure chest that drops from above to get five arrows for your arsenal. Head to the right and start picking the fruit from the trees. This is fire fruit, which you can attach to arrows for a smoldering effect. Snag the old wooden bow in the middle of the room and equip a fire arrow. Aim up and shoot that flaming arrow into the brush surrounding a platform holding another treasure chest. 

The fire will quickly spread through the thicket and spring the chest loose, which will fall to the ground. Collect the key inside and use it to head to the third and final challenge.

Beat the Captain Construct to finish the In-isa Shrine

Past the locked door, you'll encounter a Captain Construct that will immediately spring to life. To deal some heavy damage right away, shoot a fire arrow at the leaves around the Construct to engulf it in flame. While dodging its arrows, head up the ladder to your left and fuse the thorny spikes you find up there to the long stick next to them. This will give you a weapon that allows you to keep your distance while jabbing at the Construct, well out of the range of its own boulder weapon. Stay moving and jabbing and Link will make short work of this mechanical nuisance.


Grab the Construct's weapon once it has been felled, then use the boulder-tipped armament to knock down one more wall. You'll come to the end of the In-isa Shrine and receive one of the Lights of Blessing you need to proceed through the Great Sky Island. Happy fusing!