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Zelda: How Many Korok Seeds Are In Tears Of The Kingdom?

"The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" introduced the concept of Korok seeds into the series canon. These tiny golden droplets — which are described in-game as having a weird scent — are rewarded to Link for solving various puzzles scattered about Hyrule, but their exact connection to the diminutive Korok people remains pretty hazy until Link collects all 900 of them. At that point, players are rewarded with Hestu's Gift, which is literally a big mound of golden poop. Since the release of "Breath of the Wild," director Hidemaro Fujibayashi confirmed to IGN that all of the smaller seeds are also poo. Naturally, this joke was so good that Nintendo had to bring it back for the sequel.


Believe it or not, there are even more Korok seeds in "Tears of the Kingdom" than there were in "Breath of the Wild." 100 more, to be exact, making for an eye-watering total of 1000 Korok seeds. If "Tears of the Kingdom" expects players to spend the time to find 1000 Korok seeds, then the reward had better be pretty great, right?


Should you find all 1000 Korok seeds?

Needless to say, despite the portly Korok's best intentions, Hestu's Gift is not the most thrilling reward in gaming. The punchline wears off pretty quickly, no matter how many times you see Hestu dance a little jig. As more fans dig into the newest game in the series, many have been wondering if they'll receive a similar boon for hunting down all 1000 seeds in the new game.


The answer is yes. Hestu's Gift makes a return in "Tears of the Kingdom," and it still apparently smells gross. At least Hestu can use the seeds in his adorable little maracas, right?

This might make one think that tracking down all of the Koroks in the game is a fool's errand, but you might still want to consider it. Handing over those stinky Korok seeds in your inventory to Hestu will upgrade Link's inventory space. One man's waste is quite literally another man's treasure, in this instance.