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Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom - How To Defeat Fire Temple's Marbled Gohma

There are plenty of difficult bosses in "Tears of the Kingdom" — doubly so since classic dungeons are back. Because of this, it's a good idea for Link to use a good recipe list for the best food in the game to keep on top of Link's health and stamina. Bosses in the Temples can be especially daunting, and the Fire Temple's Marbled Gohma is no exception. Once Link and Yunobo have made their way through the temple as they look for Zelda, they're going to break the rock enclosure around Gohma, freeing him — it? — and allowing the monstrous creature to wreak havoc.


When upright, the monster looks something like a giant rock crab-scorpion combination. No wonder it's called the Scourge of the Fire Temple. As with many one-eyed "Zelda" bad guys, the goal is going to be to smash the ever-loving heck out of its eye. To stun the creature, use Yunobo's Rolling Fireball move to break the rocks off of the boss's legs. Then, Link can use arrows to hit the eye from a distance, or he can clamber up and wail on it — which does more damage.

Now, that's all well and good — but players need to also prepare for Gohma's specific attacks.

Prepare for Marbled Gohma's movesets

After wailing on the Marbled Gohma, Link needs to get off quickly as it will let out an angry roar, which deals damage. For a quick escape, use Glide to get distance between Link and the Gohma. Link also should be prepared to dodge both the Gohma's stomp (this one is easy to spot as it raises its leg quite slowly) and the rock bombs (called gloom rocks) that the creature will spit at the heroic team. If players are fast, they can use Link's Ultrahand to throw these bombs back at Gohma, aiming for its eye.


Of course, in classic "Zelda" fashion, there's a second part to the fight. Eventually, the Gohma will move to the ceiling to beat Link. It will then launch large rocks at the team, so get ready to dodge if possible. These will form a large enclosure around Link and explode. Ultrahand is also useful here to get one boulder up to Gohma's eye (and also provide a way out of the ring of death). Link can also use Yunobo's Rolling Fireball to break a few of the boulder bombs and escape.

To hit the Marbled Gohma, Link can still lob Yunobo at the monster, and the Goron will roll all the way up to him above, which will knock it to the floor. Arrows are also a good option to hit the eye itself if Link can get close enough. This will be the most difficult part of the game, so be sure to save plenty of meals to keep the Hero of Time healthy.