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Zelda: Where To Find Hestu In Tears Of The Kingdom

"The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom" helped offset a major problem regarding weapon durability — one of the oft-cited critiques fans levied toward the otherwise acclaimed "Breath of the Wild." The Fuse ability has made crafting a robust variety of weapons easy provided players have enough inventory space to hold them. Alas, that has posed a bit of a problem for players in the early stages of the game: Not knowing where to find Hestu. The maraca-shaking Korok has reprised his role from "Breath of the Wild" as the upgrade system for weapons and shield slots. Just the same as the first game, "Tears of the Kingdom" has not made it readily apparent to players where to find him.


Fortunately, players can meet with Hestu fairly quickly if they set out from the center of Hyrule upon reaching the surface. Unfortunately, the lively Korok's habit of wandering around has returned as well, meaning Link will have to trek elsewhere to find him a second time — and potentially a third time depending on how the player carries out their adventure.

Northwest of Lookout Landing

Players will encounter Hestu for the first time following the road northwest from Lookout Landing. Along the way to the Lindor's Brow Skyview Tower, Link will find the big Korok cowering in fear before a shady display: Two ordinary-looking trees. Players who explored Hyrule a bit before coming here may already know the impending twist. The trees, in fact, are not trees but rather treant-like enemies new to the "Zelda" series called Evermeans.


Felling the walking, walloping trees will earn Hestu's gratitude, at which point he will explain how he has (again) lost the Korok seeds that make his maracas rattle. The player then has the opportunity to upgrade up to two slots in any combination for shields, melee weapons, and ranged weapons — provided they have picked up some Korok seeds to trade in.

Afterward, Hestu will declare his intentions to move east and indeed will move to Lookout Landing, which Link can easily teleport to. Hestu will remain among Purah and the others for players to upgrade their slots further until Link defeats a certain boss in Korok Forest, leading Hestu to return there for the rest of the game. Predictably, defeating the boss before meeting Hestu will result in the big Korok only appearing in Korok Forest.


Maybe after Hestu has finished traveling, players will finally stop torturing the other Koroks in "The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom." Then again, they do hold responsibility for seizing the Korok seeds in Hestu's maracas.