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Zelda Tips & Tricks: How To Get More Batteries In Tears Of The Kingdom

Batteries are one of the many new mechanics that have been introduced in "The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom." The new Ultrahand ability allows players to join virtually anything they find in the world to create all kinds of useful tools, from weapons and vehicles to massive constructs. Players have made all sorts of wild creations this way, but they wouldn't be able to do half as much if it weren't for the Zonai components. These are mechanical objects such as fans, flamethrowers, and even rockets that can be found in the game. They can propel a vehicle forward or launch a spout of flame from its bow. These objects draw power from Link's Zonai battery.


Players receive their first battery on the Great Sky Island near the beginning of the game. This allows them to use Zonai components, but players will quickly learn that a single battery won't operate for long on its own. Much like Link's heart containers and his stamina gauge, players need to get more batteries as the game progresses if they want to be able to keep the Zonai components and their builds operating for more than a few seconds. Getting them can be a bit of a slog, however — but it's worth the effort.

One method is to mine a lot of Zonaite

Early on, many players will discover that there are certain stones with pockets that glow with a sort of iridescent green color. These can be broken down into a consumable item called Zonaite, which can then be traded for another item called a Crystalized Charge. It takes three pieces of Zonaite to get a Crystalized Charge and 100 Crystalized Charges to get an upgrade that fills one-third of a battery — meaning players will need three of these upgrades in order to fill a single battery.


Players who speak to one of the constructs in the mine on the Great Sky Island while they're on their hunt to find all the shrines will learn that there isn't very much Zonaite in the floating islands, but there is an abundance of it down in Hyrule and the Depths below ground. This is where players will find Zonaite in the quantities they need to upgrade their battery.

As players navigate the main campaign, Josha will eventually give them the A Mystery in the Depths quest, which Link needs in order to explore the Hyrule subterranean region. This will eventually lead the Hero of Time to the Great Abandoned Central Mine. Here, players will find a forge where they can turn their hard-mined Zonaite into Crystalized Charges. Simply mining Zonaite will take a very long time to get the quantities that players will need in order to upgrade the battery, however. Luckily, there are a few other ways to get them.


Mini-bosses also drop charges

Mining Zonaite is the earliest way to get charges, but it isn't the only way. Crystalized Charges can also be farmed from many of the mini-bosses found in the Depths. There are a number of these creatures in the area north of the Great Abandoned Central Mine just below Hyrule Field. The dozens of Frox, Battle Talus, Stone Talus and Lynels and other mini-bosses in this area will each net the player 20 Crystalized Charges and one Large Crystalized Charge. These creatures also respawn after every Blood Moon, giving players a renewable source of charges that they can farm. The YouTuber Austin John Plays discovered that there are five of them in an almost straight line heading west from the Stakijat Lightroot to The Floating Coliseum, which makes for a particularly efficient farming route.


The Floating Coliseum itself also contains three Lynels that drop the same equipment as the ones that appear in the open world. Farming these will net players an additional 60 Crystalized Charges and 3 Large Crystallized Charges each time they defeat them.

This might be a much more challenging way for players to upgrade their batteries (especially if they're still in the early stages of the game), but it's also significantly faster and less tedious than mining.

Chests contain 12 Huge Crystalized Charges

The other methods are all repeatable, but this final technique for obtaining Crystalized Charges can only be performed once per playthrough. As players progress through the Regional Phenomena quest, they get through four different temples: The Wind Temple near Rito Village, The Fire Temple near Goron City, The Water Temple near Zora's Domain, and The Lightning Temple near Gerudo Town. They will have to battle several different bosses in each of these temples. These bosses don't disappear after they're defeated though. There are three versions of each of these bosses that will appear in The Depths after Link first defeats them. They can be fought in the areas directly below each of their respective temples.


After defeating each instance of these bosses for the second time, players will be able to open a chest containing a Huge Crystalized Charge. These are each worth 100 normal crystalized charges, AKA a single battery upgrade when combined. There are 12 of these boss repeats in total, meaning players can get four full batteries by defeating them all. Simply doing this will get players over half the Crystalized Charges they need in order to max out their battery pack.

Where to trade Crystalized Charges for a battery

However players go about collecting them though, they will still need to exchange the Crystalized Charges for the actual battery upgrades. To do this, they will need to travel to an area just north of Lookout Landing. Here, they will find a big chunk of one of the Sky Islands that fell to Hyrule. This fallen island's sole inhabitant is a Zonai construct who has the ability to convert 100 of the player's hard-won Crystalized Charges into a single battery upgrade.


The construct will perform up to 21 upgrades, making as many as seven additional batteries, which would bring Link up to a grand total of eight. Most players probably won't want to go through the effort of collecting the 2,100 Crystalized Charges necessary to fully upgrade their battery pack, but many might find it worthwhile to do at least a few upgrades so that their Zonai-fueled creations will be able to operate for at least a little bit longer before needing to recharge.