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Zelda: How To Get The Wing Suit (Or Glide Set) In Tears Of The Kingdom

"The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom" somehow elevated upon its prequel in all senses of the word, including exploration. Abilities like Ascend made exploring the highest reaches of Hyrule a breeze, as did the use of the Recall ability on fallen chunks of Zonai ruin, as did the Skyview Towers that catapult Link skyward, and so on. If players want to make vertical and horizontal exploration even better, however, they may want to invest in a specific armor set they can locate as soon as they have activated a few Skyview towers.


Fully upgraded, the Glide Set allows Link to spread his arms and glide — like a flying squirrel — during free-fall, without using stamina. In short, it's a powerful enhancement to sideways air movement when used in tandem with the paraglider, especially when plummeting from sky islands or the tops of Skyview Towers. Link will have to trek a sizable distance around Hyrule to find the respective pieces of this set, but the challenges present at each location are short and sweet.

Going skydiving over Hyrule

Three variations of the same challenge await those looking to uncover the full Glide Set: Link must pass through a set of green rings in his dive from the top of a corkscrew-like chain of islands. Players can find these courses by traveling to the Courage, Valor, and Bravery Islands.


From Lookout Landing, players can reach Courage Island the quickest by following the road leading to North Hyrule Plain and catapulting from Lindor's Brow Skyview Tower. A Steward Construct on the bottom island of the chain will task Link with performing a dry run of the course that unlocks a shrine, allowing for fast travel.

At last, Link can take the real course, provided he has a Zonai charge to offer. Completing the course a second time, in under 35 seconds, awards Link with the Glide Shirt.

Variations of the same sky diving course await players for the Glide Tights and Mask, found on Bravery and Valor Island respectively. Bravery Island floats a short paraglide away from the Typhlo Ruins Skyview Tower north of Great Hyrule Forest. The challenge for the mask, meanwhile, takes place above Mount Lanayru and its tower.


Players will significantly lengthen the distances they can glide in "The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom" thanks to the Glide Set, which at its highest level upgrade, completely negates fall damage. They may just want to prepare one of the five best elixirs in "Tears of the Kingdom" in case they land near a tough enemy afterward.