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Zelda: How To Reliably Find & Farm Dragon Parts In Tears Of The Kingdom

Dragon parts are an incredibly valuable resource in "Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom." They can be used to improve the buffs gained through cooking, and they can be fused with weapons for a massive boost to attack power. There are four dragons in the game: Dinraal the Flame Dragon, Naydra the Frost Dragon, Farosh the Thunder Dragon, and the newly added secret Light Dragon, which has healing abilities. Each of them has a different elemental nature, and the effects of the dragon parts that players harvest from them will reflect those natures. This means that players will need to gather parts from all four dragons if they want to be able to take advantage of all the different elemental effects that they can imbue.


Harvesting these materials can be a bit tricky, however. Each of the dragons can be incredibly difficult to find. On top of that, simply shooting them will only net the player a single dragon part, which they will have to track down when it falls to the world below. Thankfully, there is a method that allows players to ride on the backs of the dragons and reliably farm multiple dragon parts without having to hunt for the mythological beasts over and over, but it takes a little bit of preparation.

Make sure you have the right resistances

It's important for players to make sure that they have the right equipment before setting out to farm dragon parts. The method outlined in this guide requires players to spend a lot of time on the backs of each of the dragons. Unfortunately, that means that they will also be spending a lot of time exposed to the environmental effects of those dragons.


It's a good idea for players to get equipment that grants permanent resistances for this task rather than relying on potions — which only grant resistances for a limited time. Here is a quick breakdown of the resistances that players will need in order to avoid succumbing to elemental damage from being in proximity of the creatures:

  • Dinraal: +2 temperature. Requires minimum two levels of Flame Guard and Fireproof.

  • Naydra: -2 temperature. Requires minimum two levels of Cold Protection and Unfreezable.

  • Farosh: Electric damage. Requires 2 levels Shock Resistance or the Lightning Helm, which grants the Lightning Proof stat.

  • Light Dragon: No inherent environmental effects, but it will pass through cold areas. Recommend two levels of Cold Protection.


Once players have the equipment they need, they should be ready to hunt for a dragon.

How to find the dragons

Once players have the prerequisite equipment, it's time to start looking for some dragons. Each of them has a predetermined flight path that they circulate throughout the game. Players simply need to know the route for each dragon, how long each lap takes, and which locations are the ideal places to wait for one to pass. Each of the three elemental dragons spends approximately half their time flying over Hyrule and half their time in the Depths, making the chasm they ascend and descend from ideal places to find them and catch a ride. The Light Dragon is a bit trickier though.

  • Dinraal: Total lap time: 47:15. Dineraal ascends from the East Akkaka Plains Chasm and descends into the Drenan Highlands Chasm.

  • Naydra: Total lap time: 28:40. Naydra ascends from the Naydra Snowfield Chasm and descends into the East Hill Chasm near Kakariko village.

  • Farosh: Total lap time: 34.47. Farosh ascends from the East Garuso Chasm and descends into the Hills of Baumer Chasm

  • Light Dragon: Total lap time: 112:03. The Light Dragon never goes into the Depths. It also flies at two different altitudes depending on where the player is in the campaign — flying significantly lower after the main questlines in the Korok Forest are complete. It circulates most of the map in a winding route that passes over each Tear of the Dragon. Players will have to find it by scouting its route from the Mayam Shrine, Taunhiy Shrine, Rakashog Shrine, Sihojog Shrine, or Natak Shrine until they find it. They will then have to dive onto it from a sky island above its current position.


How to farm parts

Now that players have found the dragons, they can finally begin harvesting the five different kinds of dragon parts. Each beast has an item that can be found on its back called the Shard of [dragon's name] Spike. There will be several of these on each dragon's back that can simply be collected by examining it. Next, shoot the dragon's flesh or hit it with a melee attack to release one of its scales. Then go to the head of the dragon and shoot its horn to collect a fragment of that. The other two items are a little harder to collect though.


The first is the dragon's claw. Players can't actually land on the claw, so they will have to use the slow-time aiming ability to shoot it and then quickly snatch the item from the claw before it falls to the land below. Similarly, to harvest the dragon's fang, they will have to drop below the dragon's head and shoot the underside of its jaw.

All of these parts will respawn at regular intervals as the beasts complete their respective circuits. That means players can continue to collect them each time they respawn for as long as they want to remain on the dragon's back. Once all the parts have been collected, they can climb onto one of the dragon's spikes, (so Link doesn't fall,) wait ten minutes and then collect them all again.