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Keyboard And Mouse Support Comes To Xbox One

The Xbox One is becoming more and more like a PC every day. From its Windows 10 core to the apps it runs, Microsoft hasn't shied away from PC comparisons for its console. And now the system is getting one more PC feature: keyboard and mouse support.


In the Xbox One November Update released today, Microsoft added support for keyboards and mice connected via USB. Arguably the largest game supporting the feature out of the gate is Fortnite, which is taking the added step of separating Xbox One users who play with keyboard and mouse in matchmaking. Warframe is another fairly large title to support keyboard and mouse at launch, along with a smattering of other games, including Warhammer: Vermentide 2Strange BrigadeBomber CrewDeep Rock GalacticWar Thunder, and X-Morph Defense.

Microsoft also announced a few other titles that have committed to supporting keyboard and mouse on Xbox One in the future. Those games are Children of MortaDayZMinion MasterMoonlighterVigorWarface, and Wargroove.


Keyboard and mouse support goes great with anything that has "war" in the title, apparently.

Music fans will also have something to be happy about in the latest Xbox One update. The Amazon Music app is now available on the Xbox One's store, giving Prime members a huge library of songs to stream and Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers access to millions of songs. Amazon Music joins a few other music apps on the platform, such as Spotify and Pandora. There's no word yet on whether the Amazon Music app supports streaming songs in the background.

And lastly, the Xbox One's search feature got a bit of an upgrade in the November update. Search will now include games you may own or have access to (via Game Pass or another service) but don't have installed. This makes tracking down that game you've been meaning to play even easier, so now there's no excuse for not finishing that obscure Games with Gold title from a few months back.

The Xbox One's November Update is available right now.