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TOSS! Review: Monkeying Around In The Clouds

  • Fun VR platforming mechanics
  • Competitive multiplayer mode
  • A grounded experience that truly makes you feel like a swinging monkey
  • Limited fluidity in movement
  • Potential VR sickness for those who are prone to it

A Quest 2 code was provided to SVG for this review. "TOSS!" is available now for Meta Quest, PC VR, and PS VR2.

"TOSS!," the new VR title from Agera Games and Vertigo Games Publishing, manages to carve a unique space where players can — quite literally — go bananas. The game immerses players in a vibrant world where the primal joy of swinging from tree to tree meets the futuristic thrill of VR gaming. It's not quite a perfect paradise though, with some areas in need of fine-tuning.


Crash-landed on a celestial sphere where clouds form the pipe-filled playgrounds, you assume the role of a monkey on a mission to repair their damaged spaceship. With over 75 levels sprawled across nine visually striking cloudscape biomes, "TOSS!" provides a silly narrative intertwined with exhilarating gameplay. The essence of adventure is further deepened as you collect essential parts for your spacecraft, toss-ing your way towards the homeward journey (get it?)

At its core, "TOSS!" is a VR platformer; you jump, launch yourself through tight spaces, and swing around trees in the pursuit of collectibles. Each level presents both physical and mental challenges that will test your skill and agility, all from the comfort of your VR play area.


A slightly uneven swing

The gameplay in "TOSS!" strives to provide freedom and agility as you navigate through diverse terrains comprising trees, pipes, and walls. The developers have earnestly aimed to create an immersive experience, where it genuinely feels like you're swinging like a monkey, reaching and grabbing whatever you can to traverse the breathtaking landscapes. Ultimately, they succeed.


However, it must be mentioned that swinging in "TOSS!" doesn't embody the Spider-Man-esque fluidity found in other titles such as "Straylight." Rather, it offers a more grounded approach, leveraging only the monkey's hands and upper body strength, creating a realistic yet slightly restrictive movement dynamic. This concept aligns well with the game's thematic setup, though, promoting a different kind of immersion.

The game brilliantly adopts a 'no right way' policy, encouraging players to get creative (and sometimes lucky) with their leaps and swings. This design choice can be a double-edged sword — while it offers a canvas for players to possibly stumble upon unforeseen shortcuts or strategies, it might also introduce a level of randomness that could overshadow skill and precision, especially in a competitive setting.


A quest for banana mastery

"TOSS!" takes you through an expansive journey teeming with various game achievements that will constantly test and expand the boundaries of your skills. From racing against the clock in the Time Attack mode to the relentless pursuit of snagging every last banana in sight — some of which are pieces of banana scattered through the level — the game sets a high bar for accomplishment.


Yet, where "TOSS!" shines in offering a myriad of challenges, it somewhat falls short in providing a nuanced gradient of difficulty. While the prospect of becoming a swinging master by minimizing grabs and showcasing superior tossing abilities is tantalizing, the journey to mastery might feel a tad steep for novices, potentially causing frustration in the initial hours of gameplay.

That said, "TOSS!" introduces an array of unlockable modifiers that help take the platformer experience to astonishing levels. From experiencing the dizzying joys of Zero Gravity to unleashing the power of the Double Toss, the game beckons players into a realm of awe-inspiring acrobatics. However, the pathway to unlocking these coveted modifiers is paved with trials and challenges that might feel a bit too demanding, especially for casual gamers or newcomers to VR. A more balanced approach to unlockables could enhance the gameplay experience, making it more accessible to a wider audience.


Yes, you finally made a monkey out of me

One of the standout features of "TOSS!" is undoubtedly its multiplayer component, fostering (bananas foster-ing?) friendly rivalry and competition. You can take part in head-to-head battles with friends, racing their movements via ghost characters as you push each other to new heights of parkour excellence. This social element not only amplifies the fun but also adds a layer of complexity and strategy, as you continually evolve your gameplay style in response to your competitors.


A word of caution for players prone to VR sickness: Despite its smooth mechanics and visually pleasing aesthetics, "TOSS!" might prove to be a challenging endeavor. The constant swinging and tossing can potentially induce dizziness or nausea, a testament to the game's immersive nature but possibly a deterrent for those with sensitive constitutions.

"TOSS!" presents itself as a great venture into the VR platformer genre, offering an intriguing blend of parkour platforming action, competitive dynamics, and beautiful environments that are nothing short of a visual VR feast. It definitely serves a niche of gamers with its unique monkey-swinging dynamics and expansive gameplay offerings.

As it stands, "TOSS!" offers a wild, banana-filled ride that promises both excitement and challenges. If you are prepared to get swinging, this adventure in the clouds is waiting to captivate your inner monkey, bringing a fun dimension to virtual reality gaming.