Sam Watanuki

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Denver, CO
Pacific University
Food, Cooking, Tech
  • Sam was a pivotal member of the team that helped build into the internationally recognized gaming website that it is today.
  • Sam helped developed the style and voice for the food and travel websites of and
  • Sam is the family chef, always on the hunt for new and exciting ideas to cook for his extended family and friends.


Sam has been writing professionally since early 2018, laying the foundational success for growing websites including, TheGamer, TheTravel, and TheRecipe. However, the Denver, Colorado-native’s knack for writing has been a life-long endeavor. His time spent in corporate positions has helped shape the professional element of his creative writing passion and skills. Beyond writing, Sam is a lover of all things food and video games, which – especially on weekends – are generally mutually exclusive, as he streams his gameplay on Twitch and YouTube under the self-proclaimed, though well-deserved moniker of ChipotleSam. Seriously… just ask him about his Chipotle burrito tattoo. You can find Sam on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as @realchipotlesam.


Political Science, Pacific University
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