Sam Watanuki

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Denver, CO
Pacific University
Game Reviews, Platformers, Action/Adventure
  • Sam's favorite game is Metal Gear Solid. Honorable mentions include Rocket League, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3, and GTA Online.
  • Even before the pandemic, Sam was a fan of the social element that video games provide — whether that be local LAN parties with cords strewn through the house, or building a Garry's Mod server specifically to play remotely with his nephews.
  • Video games have played a major role in Sam's life since childhood. So much so, that he is currently writing a book about the video games that he grew up with and how the titles he played impacted his life along the way.


Sam is a seasoned writer and video game enthusiast with a passion for exploring the world of gaming. He has developed a keen eye for what makes a great game and loves to share his insights with others. Sam has written for a number of prominent gaming publications and websites, including TheGamer and GamingPizza, and has covered everything from the latest major releases to the farthest corners of the indie scene. Since beginning his career in the gaming industry over five years ago, Sam has played a pivotal role in the strategy and development of multiple websites — including TheGamer — setting the foundation for the brands that are now widely recognized throughout the industry. As SVG's game reviews lead, Sam prides himself on covering lesser-known indie titles that often go unnoticed, giving these games the recognition they deserve. He has also developed a niche for platformer games in particular, which have become one of his specialties. With a deep love and appreciation for all things gaming, Sam brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to SVG, and is always excited to share his passion with readers.


Sam graduated from Pacific University with a B.A. in Political Science. He is interested in exploring the many ways in which gaming can captivate and delight its players, and he uses his academic background to convey those thoughtful insights.

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