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The Rarest Gliders In Fortnite

There's a whole lot of personality to be found in Fortnite: Battle Royale, from the game's many skins to the backpack bling you can equip on your character. And how about those pickaxes? You won't think that something as simple as an axe would cause players to grind away for hours, but Epic figured out a way to make it happen.


There is one cosmetic type in the game, however, that doesn't seem to get as much love as the others. It's the glider, and it's a shame, because Fortnite has some really great ones.

The gliders we're looking at today are the ones that are hard to come by. They were available at one point and then vanished. They won't show up in the store going forward, and they won't be a part of any future Battle Pass. They're now exclusive to those who unlocked them at the right time, and hopefully, you were one of those players.

Want to see if you have one of those super-uncommon gliders? Or if you missed out on something really cool? That's what this list is all about. So get ready to feel a sense of accomplishment or be overwhelmed with jealousy: these are the rarest gliders inside Fortnite.


Dark Engine

Dropping down onto an island in order to kill all the other people on it? That's already strange on its own. Gliding to the surface in a glider that looks like an otherworldly locomotive? It's safe to say that Fortnite is asking you to suspend disbelief for just a little bit.


The Dark Engine glider, which became available to those who completed part four of 2018's Fortnitemares challenges, is pretty incredible-looking. It gives off a very haunted vibe, with the purple aura powering its propeller wheels and the green flames escaping the engine. And though you only see it briefly as you make your way to the surface of the map, it was still cool enough to grind out all the challenges for.

So why is this glider so hard to come by these days? Well, the simple truth is, you'll never see it again. It was limited to Fortnite's Halloween event, Fortnitemares. You're not going to see it pop up in the store, and it won't become a Battle Pass award in the future. If you passed on Fortnitemares to one of the fall season's many other games, the Dark Engine glider passed you by.



Ready to bring the world of Baywatch into Fortnite? If you have one of those nifty lifeguard skins, the Splashdown glider is a worthy item to pair with it. And it won't even force you play in slow motion.


The Splashdown glider is designed to look like the type of rescue boat used by lifeguards. In case that fact wasn't entirely obvious, Epic helped get the point across by putting "RESCUE" on the boat in large type. It's definitely one you'd enjoy if you're a fan of the open sea, and if you prefer the sun and the sand to guns and bullets. Not that you'll get to put the guns down, though. You'll still need those. It is Fortnite, after all.

We unfortunately have to deliver some bad news to you about the Splashdown glider: you're not able to get it anymore. As it happens, Splashdown was a reward for those who managed to achieve Tier 79 in Fortnite's Season 5 Battle Pass. So if you took a vacation during Season 5 and didn't wrap up your Battle Pass, you'll no longer be able to add Splashdown to your collection. It's gone forever.



In terms of gliders that send a message, there may be none that does so quite like Conquest. It basically tells everyone on the map that you're coming to take over their world. Your ship-styled glider will float toward their side of the map, with its llama head leading the way. And if you happen to be rocking the Magnus skin as you ominously descend onto the field of battle, you're almost certainly going to strike fear into the hearts of all who see you coming.


Conquest looks like a Viking vessel that's built to take you from the motherland to your new kingdom. And who doesn't want one of those?

There's a problem, though. As cool as the Conquest glider is, you can no longer pick it up. Conquest became part of Fortnite in of the Season 5 Battle Pass. If you were able to grind (or buy) your way up to Level 39 in that Battle Pass, the Conquest glider became yours. However, if you didn't play enough in Season 5 to level up, or if you never purchased the Battle Pass period, Conquest will elude you forever.

Perhaps you were never meant to conquer after all.


Gliders are usually themed around something, like the gliders meant to look like rescue boats and Viking ships. Intrepid, however, is just built to look awesome. The first thing you'll notice about it is how incredibly sleek it is. It's decked out in blue and black paint with glowing light strips. It basically looks like a stealth drone of some kind, and that's the kind of glider you might want when sneakily making your way over to the enemy side of the map.


And unlike many other gliders, Intrepid doesn't have propellers. Why is that? Because it's jet-powered. Seriously, jet beams shoot out of the back while you're airborne. It's very, very cool.

But if you don't have Intrepid already, you'll never get a chance at it again. Those who played Season 4 and reached Level 79 in the Battle Pass obtained Intrepid as a reward. If you match that description, good for you: you already have Intrepid. Did you miss out on Season 4, or did you decline to take part in the Battle Pass that season? If so, then Intrepid is gone for good.

Wings of Valor

Are you a fan of Marvel's comics? If so, Wings of Valor might look awfully familiar to you. It's meant as a sort of tribute to the wings used by Falcon in the Avengers franchise, and it's one of the more appropriate gliders you can obtain in Fortnite. After all, who doesn't want to soar through the sky with an actual pair of wings?


The Wings of Valor glider is nothing if not majestic. And if you happen to rock the female character Valor in Fortnite, you can pair it with the wings to get the full effect of the set.

That is, if you were lucky enough to get Wings of Valor. The glider was only available in Season 4, and could only be won by making your way to Tier 39 in the Battle Pass. Were you able to grind your way to this great-looking glider? If so, congratulations! If you happened to miss out, though, you can kiss the Wings of Valor goodbye. You'll never get another shot at this amazing glider again.

High Octane

If you've ever dreamed of cruising the streets in a jet-black sports car, High Octane is the glider that'll get you closest to living out that fantasy. As far as looks go, High Octane is pretty no-frills. It's black. It has a drone-esque propeller to create lift. The lone bits of color in High Octane come from its red taillights and the red lights in the propeller's center.


High Octane is pretty understated, but it's cool-looking, nonetheless. Still, you could be forgiven for thinking this glider is an easy one to get. But it's not.

First off, High Octane was a pinnacle reward for Fortnite's Season 3 Battle Pass. In order to get it, you would've had to achieve Tier 100, which is a feat all on its own. But simply reaching 100 wasn't the end of the journey. From there, you would've also had to complete five out of seven challenges. And not all of those challenges were very easy.

Had you done all that, you finally would've have been able to call High Octane your own. If you never made it to Tier 100 in the Season 3 Battle Pass, or you couldn't knock those challenges out, you never got High Octane. And you never will again.



In terms of looks, Slipstream is almost as streamlined as High Octane. There's not a whole lot of color to be had with this glider — just a touch of dark digital camouflage on the top and some purple bars in the middle. And in fact, Slipstream looks to use almost the same model as High Octane, too. You could almost call it a "poor man's High Octane," except the way you get Slipstream differs from just about any other glider on this list.


Slipstream is only available to those who subscribe to Amazon Prime, Amazon's premier online service. On top of that, Amazon Prime members must also link their accounts to Twitch.

You can see why this might be a problem for many. A large amount of Fortnite's player base is too young to pay for an Amazon Prime membership. The service requires a credit card, so those under 18 are out of luck. And even if some are older and lucky enough to have an Amazon Prime subscription, they might not even know that they can connect Amazon Prime to Twitch at all.

Slipstream is one of the more complicated gliders to get for those reasons. And the fact that some may never get it at all is what puts it on this list.


Get Down

If there's one word that can be used to describe the Get Down glider, that word is "bling." There's a lot going on with this glider, from its disco-ball-like exterior to the silver and purple wings, complete with lightning bolt imagery. The sheer loudness of this thing, and the way the light reflects off its surface, means that everyone with eyeballs is going to know you're on the way. Which might be exactly what you want.


If you like what you see, you're probably wondering how you can get this sweet, sweet glider. But you've probably caught on by now, too: you can no longer obtain Get Down, and you haven't been able to for quite some time.

Get Down popped up in the Season 2 Battle Pass. While it wasn't the most difficult glider to unlock at Tier 14 of the Battle Pass, you still would've had to purchase that Pass in order to have a chance at it. If you opted out of the Battle Pass for that season, you will not be getting down with Get Down. It won't be sold in the store, and it won't show up in another Battle Pass. It is gone.

Sir Glider the Brave

There's a lot in a name, and there may not be a better one for a glider than Sir Glider the Brave. Even better, though? The glider looks pretty cool, too. It gives off the vibe of medieval times, with a beastly llama insignia on top of its shield-esque hood and armor plating on its wings. This is the glider you want to float into war with, and if you happen to own one of the Squire or Knight skins, you're going to look like you stepped right out of the king's court and onto the field of battle.


But you won't be seeing Sir Glider the Brave if you didn't meet the requirements. This glider appeared as part of the rewards in Season 2. You would've had to reach Tier 35 if you wanted to unlock Sir Glider the Brave. But you could have done that without actually purchasing the paid Battle Pass. Sir Glider the Brave was a part of the free tier, so if you simply put in the time and played the game, you would have eventually reached it.

If you didn't, Sir Glider the Brave is no longer available to you.

Royale X

We'll be honest with this one: Royale X is probably one of the more unremarkable gliders you can find inside Fortnite. It purports to be a "state of the art combat glider," but there's nothing on the glider itself to support that claim. It's not like there are turrets or missile launchers attached to it. It doesn't look like it has anything that other gliders don't. It's a pretty basic design — a bunch of metal with a pretty forgettable paint job.


Surely this one was easy to get, right? As it turns out, Royale X was kind of a chore to obtain.

Royale X showed up in Season 2. To get it, you would've had to play your way up to Tier 42 in the Season 2 Battle Pass, which is actually a fair amount of time if you choose not to buy the tiers outright. If you were able to hit 42, the Royale X was officially yours. But if you didn't take part in Season 2's paid Battle Pass, your chance to get Royale X disappeared for good.

But hey, look at the bright side — you're not really missing out on much.


Downshift is another one of the gliders that doesn't offer much in the way of looks. It's a fairly simple design: black with a few grey stripes here and there. And while there is some color by way of the red power packs, it's hard to look at Downshift as anything but a plain black glider. Still, some might appreciate its svelte look, and might especially like what it took to get Downshift in the first place.


Downshift, unlike many of Fortnite's hard-to-get gliders, was a free reward during Season 5 of the game. All players had to do to add Downshift to their collections was reach Tier 22. The thing about the free version of the pass, though, is that you can't just buy tiers like you can in the paid version. You actually have to grind those tiers out and level up the hard way. And that takes time.

If you made it to Tier 22 in Season 5, you became the proud new owner of Downshift. If you failed to meet that bar, Downshift is unfortunately something you'll never get another shot at.

Rainbow Rider

If you love My Little PonyCare Bears, or unicorns, you're gonna love the look of Rainbow Rider. This might the glider with the most personality, and if you take just one look at it, you'll see why. Rainbows and stars adorn its exterior. Crayons serve as the wing tips. This is a glider that is all about fun and imagination, and you'd almost be committing a sin by not throwing on a skin to match it. The Brite Bomber, perhaps?


Rainbow Rider was not a particularly tough skin to get, but you did have to pay for it. The glider showed up in Season 3 as part of the Battle Pass. Those who made their way up to Tier 15 in the pass unlocked Rainbow Rider and have been spending their days floating through the sky on hopes and dreams. If you were one of those lucky folks, good for you! You have one of the brightest, bubbliest gliders in the game.

If you took a pass on Season 3, though, Rainbow Rider won't be showing up again, and not even wishing on a star will bring it back.


If you're all about getting in, completing the mission, and getting out, the Carbon glider is definitely going to be up your alley. This glider is all about stealth with its camo covering and lack of glitz. You certainly won't be turning any heads should you glide down onto the map with this one, but maybe that's the point. It's not meant to attract attention: it's meant to give you some cover while you drop in behind enemy lines and start taking out the other team from the inside. And if you throw on the Elite Agent skin while you're doing it, you'll be the ultimate assassin.


At least, you will be if you have Carbon. The glider was only available during Season 3, and to unlock it, you needed the Battle Pass. Reaching Tier 39 gave you the rights to Carbon, and the satisfaction of adding yet another glider to your locker. If you didn't purchase the Battle Pass in that season, though, Carbon unfortunately slipped right through your fingers.

Sugar Crash

How into candy are you, exactly? If you're someone who enjoys a sweet every now and then, that's fine. But if you're someone who so loves candy that you'd jump into a match on a candy-coated glider, do we have the one for you. It's called Sugar Crash, and it is very pink and very covered in candy. On top, you'll find what looks to be a handful of Skittles or sprinkles. The taillights aren't lights themselves, but rather, gumdrops. And did we mention that this glider is pink? There's a lot of pink here.


And you almost have to wear the Zoey skin, equip the Goodie Bag backpack, and swing away with the Lollipopper pickaxe in order to do this glider justice.

But you won't be doing anything with Sugar Crash if you didn't unlock it during Season 4. The glider was only available to those who purchased the Battle Pass in that season and made it to Tier 15. If that doesn't sound like you, then this is one piece of candy you won't be getting.