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Devil May Cry Fans React To First Netflix Anime Teaser

The devil hunter known as Dante is back, and fans are freaking out over it. No, "Devil May Cry 6" still hasn't been announced, but fans of the long-running supernatural Capcom franchise are getting the next best thing: an all-new anime series from producer Adi Shankar, the showrunner behind Netflix's hit "Castlevania" adaptation. Like "Castlevania," the new "Devil May Cry" anime will premiere exclusively on Netflix. Today, the streaming giant released the first official teaser for the upcoming series. While it's light on details, the promo nonetheless manages to capture the video game series' high-energy tone.


In the brief teaser, Dante can be seen somersaulting through the air, firing his guns wildly at an unseen opponent. As a pulsing metal soundtrack kicks in, Dante then dodges a few swipes from another enemy before fans are treated to a title card and a promise that the series is "coming soon." At this time, there's no concrete word on the series' plot or voice cast. However, Shankar did reveal to IGN back in 2021 that the first season is planned to consist of eight episodes, and the hope is to do more than one season.

With the new trailer burning up social media, what do the fans have to say about this new take on "Devil May Cry?" Read on.

The new Devil May Cry anime looks promising to fans

The initial response to the trailer has been glowing, with most of the reactions being sheer excitement and surprise. Despite the series' announcement a few years ago, many "Devil May Cry" fans admitted that they'd either forgotten or missed the news entirely. For the most part, fans are looking forward to the new series. However, some gamers have expressed feelings of trepidation, despite the success of "Castlevania."


Many hardcore fans are already demanding to know who's voicing Dante in the series, with some pointing out that the character's sole "Woo-hoo!" in the trailer doesn't sound much like longtime Dante actor Reuben Langdon. Some have gone so far as to hint that they may skip the show if Langdon isn't involved. Others are trying to figure out if the show fits into the game continuity, or if it's going to stand on its own. As one fan pointed out on X (formerly Twitter), Dante's design seems to be a mix of his "Devil May Cry 3" look and his costume from Ninja Theory's controversial reboot, "DmC." Others mentioned being more excited about a potential new game in the series than whatever Netflix is cooking up.


Thanks to the release of this new trailer, a number of fans are also learning for the first time that the Shankar/Netflix production is not the first anime adaptation of the games. "Devil May Cry: The Animated Series" ran for 12 episodes back in 2007, debuting to mixed reviews from critics and fans. Perhaps the hype over the new series will earn the original take some new fans.