The Best Landing Spots In Fortnite

While there is an abundance of information out there regarding the best strategies for winning the battle royale in Fortnite, landing spots may be one of the most highly debated. There are many proven strats that promise a win for anyone with the skill to pull it off. But just like the available diversity in landing spots, there are also endless different ways to play Fortnite. And while one approach may work for one person, it may not work for everyone.


With everything from the all-out war found in places like Tilted Towers to the subtle stealth approach that can be taken in Retail Row, there are "perfect" landing spots for everyone, based on their favorite way to play the game. So whether you enjoy a massive battle right at the beginning of the match, or prefer to land somewhere sparsely populated to set up your own little sniper station, there's definitely an ideal LZ for you somewhere on the map. Here are a few of the best.

Go with Tilted Towers for an aggressive strategy

Without question, one of the most popular landing spots in Fortnite is Tilted Towers. Even with the many changes that have been made to the map throughout the seasons, this fact remains true. With its high population and abundance of materials (aka mats) and loot, this area is the prime landing spot for those with the skills to come out on top in an all-out brawl.


Because Tilted Towers is so a popular, it's constantly swarmed by players early on in the game. So if large-scale combat isn't your strength, you'll probably want to stay away from this battle zone if at all possible. But for those who thrive in the high-stakes arena, Tilted Towers can be incredibly rewarding, both for your kill count and also for your inventory. Mastering this fast-paced area can set you up perfectly for the rest of the match, making your victory that much easier.

Houses in Salty Springs offer weapons and cover

The houses found in Salty Springs are a veritable treasure trove of weapons without the hassle of landing in one of the more open and densely populated areas of the Fortnite map. While the houses offer many different weapons and chests, they also offer cover against your enemies. Unlike a landing spot like Paradise Palms, Salty Springs has numerous structures and corners to take cover in when an enemy is spotted, making it ideal for a quick and safe raid.


In addition to the weapons and places to hide, the abundance of structures found in Salty Springs means there are also a lot of opportunities to harvest mats there. For players who enjoy building, this is a vital point when choosing the perfect landing spot. But there is a word of caution for those hoping to add Salty Springs to their list of perfect landing spots: while the houses are stuffed with loot, the same can't be said for the gas station. This misleading structure has lured in many players only to leave them unarmed and open to attacks.

Lots of loot in Snobby Shores

As the name would suggest, Snobby Shores is a place of abundance in Fortnite. The wealth found there won't only come from fancy living quarters, but from the opportunity to find numerous chests and loot. Just like with Tilted Towers, however, this does mean that the area can often be congested and risky for those players who  don't enjoy a large battle. The best strategy for landing at Snobby Shores is to land quickly, get what you need, and get out as soon as possible. For players who can, many rewards await.


Not only does Snobby Shores offer players a high volume of chests, it also offers large structures that you can quickly demolish to turn into mats. This gives players quite the advantage as they usually leave Snobby Shores not only fully stocked on weapons and ammo, but they also get all the mats they could want for building their own structures. If you make it out alive, Snobby Shores is an excellent landing spot. Just remember to check your corners.

Open space in Paradise Palms helps you keep an eye out

Just like Tilted Towers, Paradise Palms is one of the most popular landing spots for those Fortnite players who enjoy getting on the ground and into the fight quickly. The abundance of loot and chests gives players an immediate advantage over those who prefer to go to the more remote locations on the map, and the high density means you're more likely to rack up kills quickly.


While Paradise Palms is often compared to Tilted Towers, it actually has a few advantages over the skyscrapers. Though it is highly populated, Paradise Palms is more open than Tilted Towers, meaning players aren't forced into close-range combat. There are also fewer tall structures dotting the landscape which reduces your chances of being killed by a sniper and increases your overall visibility. For those who like an aggressive playing strategy but want to avoid the cramped battleground at Tilted Towers, Paradise Palms is a perfect alternative.

The motel near Lazy Links is perfect for newer players

Though there may be other landing spots in Fortnite with more chests available to the eager player, the motel near Lazy Links is a good option for players looking for the winning combination of a decent amount of chests, adequate hiding places, and only moderate foot traffic. The motel is the perfect in-between location, especially for newer players who may not know all of the tricks of the trade yet.


In the motel near Lazy Links, players can usually find about six chests, ready to be looted. They're relatively easy to find and access, so if you aren't quite comfortable with the whole battle royale thing yet, you can ease into it. In addition to the loot that can be acquired without too much strategizing, the motel is filled with areas to hide, should you come across another player with the same idea as you. This abundance of hiding spots is an appealing prospect for someone trying to lay low and avoid the blood bath happening in places like Tilted Towers. That being said, running into scores of players isn't something that should be too common at the motel, as it's one of the lower-populated drop zones. While not a ghost town, the motel provides players with minimal opponents to worry about while getting their bearings in the world of the battle royale.


Frosty Flights offers planes, loot, and a remote location

Season 7 of everyone's favorite battle royale brought a chill with it. The snowy upgrade added a few freezing areas where players could find planes to aid in their flight across the treacherous battlefield. One of the ideal landing spots that has popped up in Season 7 is Frosty Flights. Not only does this location have an abundance of loot, but it also houses several planes just waiting to be claimed by the quick gamer. These planes may prove necessary as this location is a bit off the beaten path. While the population varies from game to game, one thing is certain: landing in Frosty Flights will mean a bit of leg work to stay out of the storm as it closes.


When checking out the potential loot to be gained from Frosty Flights, it seems like risking getting caught in the storm is worth it, which might be why it seems to be a favorite landing spot of gamers like TFUE. If you can get in and out of this location quickly, outrunning the storm shouldn't be a problem, and should set you up to dominate on the battlefield with your newfound stock of weapons, mats, and other items.

As you can guess, Loot Lake has tons of loot

With a name like Loot Lake, it's easy to see why this particular area would be a popular landing spot. While some Fortnite players enjoy landing on the fringes of the map to gather resources in private and slowly make their way towards the action once the competition has thinned out a little, others prioritize their inventory over their safety. For those people, Loot Lake is a perfect landing spot.


Though the terrain is open, making it difficult to find cover, Loot Lake makes it worth the trip with its abundance of weapons, chests, shields, and other items vital for victory. Though Loot Lake isn't quite the bloodbath that Tilted Towers is, it's still a risky drop that will handsomely reward those players who are brave enough to land there. If you don't rely too heavily on stealth in your gameplay and don't mind risking a fight for your weapons and other gear, Loot Lake may just be your ideal landing spot.

An embarrassment of riches in Polar Peak

While there are a few good landing spots that popped up with the introduction of Season 7 in Fortnite, one of the most advantageous is Polar Peak. There are numerous reasons this castle-like structure tops the list of the best new landing spots, other than the number of chests found there; though that fact doesn't hurt.


When landing at the top of the castle tower in Polar Peak, you'll find your height close to the in-game build limit, which means you don't need to worry about other players building incredibly high structures and getting the drop on you from above. This cuts out at least one of your worries while scavenging, allowing you to concentrate your efforts more fully on listening for chests. You won't have to listen for too long, however, as this location houses a large number of chests just waiting to be opened. Not only are the chests in abundance in this location, but they often house endgame items, giving you a huge advantage over the other players in the match. And if that wasn't enough incentive to visit Polar Peak at the beginning of your match, the ziplines that give you easy access between locations might just solidify it for you.


Away from the fighting, Wailing Woods offers tons of mats

Building structures is one of Fortnite's biggest draws that sets it apart from other games in its genre. Adding construction elements to a battle royale game not only gives it a unique twist, but also adds another level of strategy that other games like it are currently missing. For players who enjoy collecting mats and building up their own defenses and structures, Wailing Woods is a good option for a landing spot. Because of the forested area, there are endless trees to turn into enough wood to build practically anything you want.


In addition to obtaining obscene amounts of mats in a record time, Wailing Woods also offers many opportunities to take cover behind the natural foliage growing there (when you aren't busy turning that cover into mats of course). There are also a few chests to be found in the maze area, though that may be one of your only sources of loot in Wailing Woods. Because of this lack of gear, the location is recommended for players who want to quickly build up their store of mats before moving on to another area to get more loot before any other players show up.

Tomato Temple is a good alternative to Tilted Towers

Many of the landing spots in Fortnite have a similar feel. Though the locations are different and aesthetically seem to have some decent diversity, the actual mechanics seem to remain largely the same. Most potential landing spots include houses, buildings, or other structures to be either torn down or climbed to get the high ground over your opponents. And while these game mechanics are recycled because of their usefulness in a game like Fortnite, it's nice to sometimes see a bit of variety.


Though many avid Fortnite players were saddened by the sudden and unexpected demise of Tomato Town, they were also happy to learn that not only would their beloved tomato mascot be immortalized on top of the temple found at the new location Tomato Temple, but they were excited to see that the gameplay was a bit different from what they'd previously seen in the Fortnite map. This diversity of landscape combined with the large amount of weapons and other gear that can be found at Tomato Temple has turned it into something of a hidden gem among landing spots.

Shifty Shafts is a perfect spot for close-range combat

Not everyone who plays Fortnite wants to have a Hunger Games battle in the middle of the map. The reflexes needed for the more populated areas can make some players uneasy, stopping them from thinking on their feet and getting them killed right away. For players who enjoy a close-range fight without the added stress of an overpopulated bloodbath, Shifty Shafts is a perfect landing spot.


As the name suggests, Shifty Shafts is an area of the map that contains mining shafts. There are many advantages and disadvantages to this, depending on what type of player you are. Because of the enclosed quarters and long winding spaces, players who get to Shifty Shafts first have a huge leg up. Any players entering the shafts after you've established yourself there are sitting (or, rather, running) ducks who have just unsuspectingly wandered into your trap. Shifty Shafts also allows you to move underneath the map and stay out of the way of the bigger battles above.

If stealth is your strength, Retail Row is your best landing spot

Among the many different Fortnite strategies out there, stealth may just be the most complex. While an all-out war in the middle of Tilted Towers seems appealing for those players who enjoy amassing a huge kill count in an adrenaline rush, other players who enjoy a less direct approach may find Retail Row more to their liking.


Because of the many structures in Retail Row, there are numerous hiding spots where players can camp out, set up a convenient sniper station, and pick off different enemies one by one. With the option to hide behind cash registers, serving counters, and various vehicles, Retail Row provides stealth players with almost unending options. Not only does Retail Row house a plethora of hiding spots that are perfect for sniping, but there are also enough chests and loot for players to build up their armory before finding that perfect hiding spot.

Happy Hamlet doesn't have an impossible number of enemies

It's no secret that many Fortnite players love to get to the ground fast and get their kill count up right at the beginning of a match. In order to do this, they need to make a mad dash for Tilted Towers and get as much loot as possible before other players take them out. But for those gamers who want to ease into Tilted Towers with a location that's extremely similar but not quite as intense, Season 7's Happy Hamlet is the landing spot for you.


With quite a few chests, a large volume of loot, and mats as far as the eye can see, Happy Hamlet offers Fortnite players the same perks that gives Tilted Towers such a big draw. But unlike Tilted Towers, Happy Hamlet isn't quite as popular. Whether this is because it's a bit newer, only being added in Season 7, or because people enjoy sticking to the tried-and-true Tilted Towers, the lower population in Happy Hamlet means you're less likely to get killed off seconds after landing. It's the perfect spot for those gamers who'd like to start landing in the highly populated Tilted Towers but aren't quite confident enough in their skills yet. Consider it a snowy training ground that looks far too pleasant for what's about to happen there.