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Catherine Classic Is Now Available On PC

ESRB ratings are like Shakira's hips: they don't lie. A short time ago, the organization published an update to its Catherine listing that added PC as a platform, which led many to speculate that a port was on the way. Thanks to Sega, that port is now here.


As of today, Catherine Classic is available in the Steam store for $19.99. And if you played Catherine on the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, you're probably not going to get a whole lot out of this version of the game. Nothing's been added to it, aside from a sampler of the game's soundtrack and some desktop and mobile wallpapers you can download for a limited time. Really, you'll get the benefit of PC graphics and that's about it.

Now here's why you should be disappointed about that, even if you've never played Catherine before.

Sega and Atlus are putting out a remastered version of the game called Catherine: Full Body that, in the West, is a PlayStation 4 exclusive. In addition to getting double the stages of plain Catherine, new story endings, and a host of gameplay improvements, Catherine: Full Body will also introduce several new playable characters in the main game, and more by way of DLC.


Everything we know about Catherine: Full Body seems to suggest that it'll be a vastly improved version of Catherine, which is why it seems a little peculiar that Sega went back to the original Catherine when it came time to port the game to PC. The PlayStation 4 remaster is about a month away at this point. Why ship the 2011 version of Catherine over to PC players when a remaster — one that adds a bunch of new stuff — is so close to release?

Maybe there's some kind of exclusivity deal between Sony and Sega that is keeping Catherine: Full Body on the PlayStation 4 for the time being. If that's the case, the game could potentially see a release on PC and other platforms somewhere down the line.

But for now, PC gamers will have to make due with vanilla Catherine. Perhaps something is better than nothing, eh?