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Monster Hunter: World Is Incredibly Cheap Right Now

If you've never jumped into a Monster Hunter game before, now's the time. GameStop is selling new copies of Monster Hunter: World for $20 — perhaps the cheapest the game's ever been.

We're just two days away from Monster Hunter: World's first birthday, so it's kind of surprising that the game is priced down so substantially already. It's a living game — one that regularly gets updates and plays host to special events. In fact, a crossover with Geralt from The Witcher is set to occur sometime soon, and a big expansion titled Iceborne is on the way this fall.


But even without those two content drops in the pipeline, there is a whole lot of game to play in the base version of Monster Hunter: World. If you're the type who enjoys min-maxing, grinding out battles for materials in order to craft the perfect set of armor and upgrade all of your weapons, you'll be right at home in World. And sure, that seems pretty unremarkable for a game with RPG elements, but Monster Hunter lets you show off your triumphs in a way other games don't. Simply put: you can actually see the bits of the Rathalos you struck down when you forge armor using its carcass.

You can wear the hide of the monsters you kill. That is just cool.

There are other perks to picking up Monster Hunter: World. The graphics are, of course, much better than they are in previous Monster Hunter games. And moving through the world is fairly seamless. So if it bothers you to no end that you have to load every time you enter a new zone in Monster Hunter Generations, you'll find World to be a breath of fresh air.


There's no telling how long Monster Hunter: World will sit at its current $20 price point, so if you've ever taken a passing glance at the game and thought it might interest you, why not give it a go? And be sure to grab a copy for a friend, too. It's definitely a game that is meant to be played in parties.