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Rocket League's Cross-Platform Party Update Is Live

The patch is here. It doesn't have the most memorable name, being called "1.58" and all. But this latest update for Rocket League delivers something that fans of the series have been requesting for a long, long time: cross-platform parties.


According to PC Gamer, the process of partying up with someone on another platform is fairly straightforward. Starting with today's update, every Rocket League player will have a unique RocketID, regardless of the platform they choose to play on. Players can then invite users from other platforms to their game via that RocketID, reaching across the bounds of Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Nintendo Switch Online, and Steam to create a ragtag band of rocket ballers who don't play by the old video game rules.

You might be wondering — didn't Rocket League have cross-play already? In a sense, yes. Players could be randomly matchmade with or against those on other platforms, but could not directly team up with them. What today's update provides is an expansion, of sorts, that breaks down platform boundaries entirely. Thanks to this update, you can play Rocket League on your Nintendo Switch right alongside your friend who prefers PC. Or you can call for a ceasefire in the console holy war, boot up your Xbox One, and enjoy some Rocket League with your PlayStation 4 pals.


Psyonix has pushed long and hard for this, and it's great to finally see the feature implemented across all platforms, including PlayStation 4. But we have just one more ask, and we really hope that Psyonix gives it a good, hard look.

How about shared progression across platforms?

It's wonderful that cross-play is bringing all the platforms together in Rocket League. But there are definitely instances where players still choose to play on multiple platforms. They might play on a home console primarily, but use the Nintendo Switch on the go. Or they might use a console at home and a gaming laptop while on a trip. Fortnite learned the importance of giving players access on every platform, and ensured that purchases crossed those platform lines and were available everywhere. Doing so gives players a reason to feel invested in their progress no matter where they play, and makes it all the more likely someone will buy some digital currency and spend it.

Players almost certainly want the same Rocket League cars and swag on their PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. So come on, Psyonix. Make it happen.

Rocket League's 1.58 update is available right now.