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GTA 6: Tommy Vercetti's OG Save Spot Is Back And Leaves Us With One Question

The first trailer for "Grand Theft Auto 6" packs in a bunch of interesting information and small details in just 91 seconds, but perhaps one of the most important reveals is that we are finally returning to Vice City in full high definition glory. At around 33 seconds into the trailer, those with a keen eye will spot a very interesting landmark, one that should be familiar to those who have played "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City." 


In a scene depicting a densely-populated street — most likely the Ocean Beach portion of the map — fans will no doubt spot the neon-soaked words "Ocean View Hotel," hidden just behind some palm trees. The significance of this easter egg cannot be understated, as this hotel previously appeared as the original safehouse for "Vice City" protagonist Tommy Vercetti. The appearance of the Ocean View Hotel is not only exciting, but leaves us with one important question: Will Tommy Vercetti make an appearance in "Grand Theft Auto 6?"

Why the Ocean View Hotel is important

The Ocean View hotel is a hugely important landmark in "GTA: Vice City," as it is Tommy Vercetti's  first destination in the mission "In The Beginning..." After a drug deal gone bad, Tommy is told to go get some sleep. This is where the game hands players the reigns and a moped (or you can just take Ken's car). A small ride across town leads players to a green and white building along the east-facing strip of Vice City. After the game introduces players to the hotel as a save point, Tommy calls the villainous Sonny Forelli to tell him that the deal was a set-up. 


Naturally, Sonny is furious, but Tommy reassures him that he can fix things by acquiring the money he's owed and getting revenge on those responsible. While Sonny trusts that Tommy is capable, the scene still ends with Tommy furiously spiking the phone into the ground and really introducing players to Tommy's temper. After that, the game opens up and players are free to roam about until the next mission – and to save progress at the Ocean View at any time, of course.

Why Tommy might not appear in GTA 6

During the events of "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City," Tommy Vercetti was 35 years old, which means if "Grand Theft Auto 6" is set in modern day, he'd be in his 70s. While aging gangsters with a lifetime of street wisdom and grit is a common trope in crime fiction, it does seem doubtful Tommy will make an appearance for two important reasons. 


Perhaps the most important factor is that Tommy's voice actor, Ray Liotta, has passed away. It's doubtful Rockstar would hire a replacement. Second to that is the fact that "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City" and "Grand Theft Auto 6" essentially exist in two separate universes. "GTA: Vice City" belongs to the 3D Universe of games, which consists of "GTA3" through "San Andreas." Then there's the HD Universe of "Grand Theft Auto" titles, which thus far consists of "Grand Theft Auto 4," and "GTA 5," and "GTA Online." Aside from radio personality Lazlow Jones, character crossovers between the various eras have not occurred — so far.

Having said that, the location of Vice City and the Ocean View Hotel has clearly crossed over into the HD Universe, and Rockstar isn't hiding that fact. If "GTA 6" players get to visit the Ocean View Hotel after all, maybe they'll still discover Rockstar has found a few ways to pay homage to everyone's favorite foul-mouthed gangster and the late actor who voiced him.