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What The Critics Are Saying About Dead Or Alive 6

Let's not tiptoe around it: Dead or Alive is as well known for its fighting as it is for its lightly dressed, overly animated female combatants. The latter always seemed like it should be a relic of the '90s — something left back in the "Attitude Era" of professional wrestling and the days when "booth babes" flooded trade show floors. To the delight of some and the chagrin of others, Dead or Alive 6 has chosen to tone those down aspects — ever so slightly — in order to focus on building a more competent fighter. But from what we've seen so far, the game is still a rather divisive one.


Dead or Alive 6, which released today, is the first big game to kick off what will undoubtedly be a very busy March. The question is, what do the critics think of it so far? Some major outlets have held off on providing final reviews, instead opting for reviews in progress. And some have simply held their reviews altogether, waiting for more online functionality to come online. Below, we've gathered some thoughts from those who've chosen to publish on launch day. Enjoy.

IGN's Mike Epstein (in progress): "Dead or Alive 6 does not deviate from [its] top-level formula at all, but manages to spice things up with some interesting changes spread throughout its gameplay and modes. It's polished, it's fun, and it's keeping the series alive and active without rocking the boat too much." Score: 8/10


GameSpot's Heidi Kemps (in progress): "For the time being, though, we can say that DoA6 is a fun, engaging fighter with great-feeling, easy-to-pick-up combat, a strong sense of visual style, and a lot of personality. If you're looking for a new fighting game to learn the ins and outs of–or perhaps a nice entry into the 3D side of fighting games–DoA6 is a fighter of choice." Score: 7/10

Eurogamer's Wesley Yin-Poole: "I can't help but struggle to understand those who get horny from this game when the internet in all its glory is a mobile phone tap away. I mean, there's sexier stuff made out of Source Filmmaker – probably involving the Dead or Alive girls – than is in this game. Dead or Alive 6 stumbles into 2019 like a drunken uncle staggers onto the dancefloor at a wedding: past it and likely to embarrass."

Kotaku's Mike Fahey: "I've enjoyed the Dead or Alive series for more than two decades, but for most of that time I've been hesitant to admit it. Since Dead or Alive 3's infamous 'She kicks high' commercial, which portrayed fans as socially awkward perverts, it's been hard to muster the will to try and convince folks the franchise is more than a showcase for breast physics. Now Dead or Alive 6 can do the convincing for me. It strips away the tawdry trappings of past installments, leaving a fabulous fighting game with compelling characters worth caring about.


Destructoid's Chris Moyse: "While it still makes for a fun fighting experience, Dead or Alive 6 shows that the brand has unquestionably run out of ideas. With little to showcase in the way of fresh concepts, exciting gameplay ideas, or brand creativity, this long-running series chooses to coast by on being 'more of the same.', whilst hoping to be the engine that pulls the DLC train. During this competitive era of fighting game reinvention, that just isn't going to cut it for your 60 bucks." Score: 6/10

Twinfinite's Giuseppe Nelva: "If you're looking for a fighting game that doesn't heavily lean into fanservice, you're probably in the wrong place, but if you're on the market for really good fighting gameplay paired with a lot of eye candy, DOA6 has both in spades." Score: 4.5/5

USgamer's Mike Williams: "Dead or Alive 6 carries much of the franchise's risque DNA, but shows a bit more initial restraint. The more revealing costumes are unlockable and the jiggle physics tend towards a bit more realism now. Combat remains accessible, but new moves like the Break Blow and evasion add new layers for DOA vets. Dead or Alive 6 could use a little more graphical polish and its netcode needs to be better, but it's a pretty good fighter all around." Score: 3.5/5


Push Square's Robert Ramsey: "As a fighter, Dead or Alive is still fun, punchy, and accessible, but as an upgrade on the already solid Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, it feels underwhelming, and even a little rushed." Score: 6/10

You can pick up Dead or Alive 6 today for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.