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What Is One Leaves For Xbox One?

Free games aren't exactly an unusual thing, but free games that don't contain any kind of microtransactions? Those are. A zero-dollar game called One Leaves just appeared on the Xbox One's store today, and players have been desperately trying to figure out just what the heck it is.


From its description alone, One Leaves appears to be a single-player horror game. You're trapped inside a dilapidated high school, and your mission is to get out before something terrible happens. To make matters worse, you're competing against three other people, trying desperately to solve puzzles and discover a way out before everyone else. Only one person can win, hence the name.

But seriously, what is this? One Leaves is published by Oath, Inc., which we can only assume is Verizon's media brand (for lack of finding a better match). And who are Wahoo Studios, the developers?  As it turns out, Wahoo Studios is also NinjaBee, the team behind the Keflings games. Still, those facts alone don't offer enough clues.


Fortunately, True Achivements' Rebecca Smith is here with the save. According to SmithOne Leaves is a game put together on behalf of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and is meant to encourage those who play against smoking cigarettes. Interestingly enough, the USFDA was also sponsoring escape rooms with the same name — ONE LEAVES — but we have to say, contracting a development studio to make a video game is taking things to an entirely new level.

So in case you're wondering what One Leaves is, wonder no more. It's a government-funded anti-smoking advertisement for your Xbox One, and at the very least, it'll net you 1,000 Gamerscore points. We look forward to the USFDA's next adventure in video game development — perhaps a reverse Overcooked that requires you to dispose of contaminated romaine lettuce, or a spin on Dr. Mario that asks you to correctly sort your medications.