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Images Of Xbox One S All-Digital Edition Reportedly Leak

Windows Central apparently got its hands on some imagery for the still-unannounced Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, and if the images are accurate, Microsoft's newest Xbox One will look the way you likely expected it to.


According to WC, the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition won't stray too far from the design of the Xbox One S itself. It'll keep the same shell with the same ventilation in place. The power button, the gamepad sync button and the infrared sensor will remain in the same locations. The difference between a regular One S and the One S All-Digital Edition is the obvious one: this newer console won't support discs, doing away with the Blu-ray drive found in every other Xbox One.

The site also got its hands on the packaging for Microsoft's disc-less Xbox One, and recreated the art (as it did with the console) in order to protect its sources. You can take a peek at the box here. It seems Microsoft is going above and beyond to make sure everyone knows this thing doesn't support discs, and well, if you've ever had a not-so-technical friend or family member try to buy something they aren't familiar with, that's probably a wise move.


One more interesting item of note. Windows Central claims to have a potential release date for the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, on top of the images it managed to scoop. The date the site is talking up is May 7, 2019, which would line up with the May rumors we were hearing the last time disc-less Xbox One news made the rounds. And that's plenty of distance from E3, where Microsoft could then talk up sales of the box (if it's successful) and lean hard into what the future of Xbox might look like.

We'll let you know if anything else related to Microsoft's fully digital Xbox One comes to light.