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Microsoft To Announce Six New Xbox Game Pass Titles Tomorrow

The Xbox Game Pass lineup is about to become a little bit bigger. Over on the official Xbox Game Pass Twitter account, an announcement is being teased for tomorrow that would see six new titles unveiled for the service, just days after Minecraft was added.


"What if we announced 6 more games on April 10th?" the account wrote cheekily, essentially confirming that such an announcement would take place.

Microsoft revealing new Game Pass games at the beginning of the month seems pretty consistent with what the company's done in the past. There are usually some new titles hyped up toward the beginning of the month that are later added on a staggered schedule. And toward the end of the month, Microsoft has been known to sneak another two or three games in before the calendar flips.

Six games seems like an awful lot to introduce at one time, though. Then again, Microsoft has been adding to the Xbox Game Pass library far more quickly than it's been removing titles.


Xbox Game Pass is supposed to be a rotating collection of games, sort of like Netflix is for movies. Every month, a couple of new games are added, and several games are taken out. But the additions have far outweighed the subtractions in the past few months, and now the Xbox Game Pass library — which Microsoft markets as "over 100 games" — is currently sitting somewhere around the 200 mark.

Add that to the fact that Microsoft is constantly pushing Game Pass subscription deals, and you can start to see a pattern: Microsoft sees Game Pass as a huge part of its future. The company still believes in hardware for the time being. But it's hard to ignore all of the money being poured into Game Pass.

As for what Microsoft could potentially announce tomorrow — your guess is as good as ours. Something like Pillars of Eternity seems like a glaring omission, now that Microsoft owns Obsidian and its managed to add other games from its recent acquisitions into Game Pass. Cuphead is also coming to Nintendo Switch this month, so it would make sense to see that finally added to Game Pass, as well.

We'll find out for sure tomorrow.