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Destiny 2 Players Aren't Thrilled With PvP In The Revelry

Destiny 2's The Revelry event offers players a chance to go wild with their abilities. By drinking a tonic, players can quickly refresh their dodges, rifts, barricades, melees, or grenades. The thing is, a lot of players hate it.


GamesRadar is highlighting a sentiment shared by many in the Destiny 2 community — particularly those who play the game's player-versus-player Crucible mode. According to GamesRadar, the buffs obtainable during The Revelry have turned the Crucible into "a clown fiesta," and honestly, that's not far from the truth. Grenades are all over the place now in the mode, and because some grenades track opponents, many players have taken to tossing endless amounts of grenades in any direction.

It shouldn't be a viable strategy, but in The Revelry's Crucible, it is. One of those grenades is bound to find a target. And because there's no cost to using them, as the grenades instantly refresh, there's really no reason to use a gun right now in the Crucible.


This is especially frustrating in Destiny 2's Competitive Crucible playlist. The Revelry's buffs work there, too, transforming matches against skilled, high-tier players into games of grenade tag. Some of Destiny 2's pinnacle weapons require the completion of questlines that run through the Competitive playlist, asking players to complete tasks like knocking out 100 headshot kills (in the case of Luna's Howl). But thanks to The Revelry's grenade buff, it's almost impossible to get a shot on anyone, as you're constantly being chased around by tracking grenades.

"The event is tailored for casual noobs like the rest of the game," said one player on Reddit. "Grinding comp has come to a grinding halt," said another.

Making matters worse is the fact that Destiny 2 penalizes players for not playing Competitive matches. If you don't play three games a week, you could see your Glory score take a hit, which makes your journey toward obtaining a pinnacle weapon that much longer. It's led to a situation where players can't sit out of Competitive during The Revelry's three-week duration, and they can't play a sane, skill-based match thanks to all of the grenades.

It's simply awful, and players are right to be unhappy with the way these buffs have affected the game.


It's a ton of fun to be overly powerful against AI opponents, which far outnumber you in player-versus-environment activities. It's even fine to have something like the Crucible's Mayhem mode, which cranks abilities and supers up to 11 and lives up to its name as a result. But the massive amount of grenade spam in regular Crucible — and especially in the Competitive playlist — is unacceptable. The buffs need to be turned off. Not when The Revelry comes to a close on May 7, but instead, as soon as possible.