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The First Devil May Cry Is Getting A Switch Port

Hey, Nintendo Switch owners: how would you like to play a little Devil May Cry? No, not the recently released Devil May Cry 5. We're talking about the original from 2001. That game is coming to the Switch this summer, according to Capcom, and you're either really excited about that or really confused.


Capcom tweeted out this morning that Devil May Cry is getting a Switch port sometime during the summer season, taking fans of the series all the way back to its beginning. On one hand, you could view this as great news. Who could possibly be disappointed about more games coming to the Nintendo Switch? Especially something from the Devil May Cry franchise, which has yet to show up on that platform.

On the other hand, though, Devil May Cry and not Devil May Cry 5? The game that literally just came out a few months back, the one everyone seemed to love? That's a head scratcher. And why release Devil May Cry on its own and not port the entire Devil May Cry HD Collection to the Switch so that players could at least catch up on the rest of the series?


Capcom, which developed a reputation for porting anything and everything to this generation's consoles, has been on such a run the past year or two. It knocked it out of the park with Monster Hunter: World. It successfully got everyone to fall head over heels again for Resident Evil 2. And Devil May Cry 5 was everything fans hoped it would be. Releasing the original Devil May Cry – a game that debuted on the PlayStation 2 — seems like a regressive step, especially when the game is already part of a collection that has released on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.

It gives the impression that Capcom is going to part out the HD Collection on the Switch and sell each game separately, and honestly, that's a bummer.

We'll keep an eye on Devil May Cry for Switch as summer approaches. Hopefully the game is priced reasonably, and hopefully, Capcom has plans to bring the rest of the HD Collection over to the Switch.