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Destiny 2 Drops New Exotic Quest For Outbreak Perfected

As part of yesterday's patch, Bungie added a secret to Destiny 2; a new exotic quest, similar to last year's Whisper of the Worm mission. And boy, is it difficult.

The quest is for a gun called Outbreak Perfected, which is an updated version of the Outbreak Prime exotic from the first Destiny's Wrath of the Machine raid. That weapon had a lot of fans back when it released, and judging by the community's reaction to the quest, many are thrilled it's coming forward in Destiny 2.


But the actual quest for the weapon itself may be the highlight of the whole experience, and — spoiler warning — it continues a storyline from a first-year Destiny 2 quest that many players really enjoyed.

To kick off the search for Outbreak Perfected, players must locate a Fallen Transponder on Titan. From there, several nodes on that transponder have to be filled in using data bits found in various lost sectors on Earth and Nessus. Once the Fallen Transponder portion of the quest is complete, players must make a trip to the Farm social space in the EDZ and enter the basement of the large house in the area. And it's there players will meet someone they might not expect to see hanging out on Earth amongst the humans.


It's Mithrax, the Fallen captain from Titan's Enemy of my Enemy questline.

At the conclusion of Enemy of My Enemy, it is canon that players killed a Hive knight and allowed Mithrax to walk away, causing Mithrax to found a new Fallen house that allies with the Guardians. Now, nearly a year and a half later, Mithrax has returned to guide Guardians to the Old Tower. And in a mission called Zero Hour, Mithrax helps the Guardians locate a quarantined Cryptarch vault, battling powerful Fallen enemies along the way to earn the Outbreak Perfected pulse rifle.

So, really, two old friends have returned to Destiny 2: Mithrax, who now counts himself as an ally of the Last City; and the Outbreak Perfected exotic, which many thought they'd never see again.

As far as the questline goes, obtaining Outbreak Perfected is extremely hard. Enemies in Zero Hour have a power level of 690, which means your best bet is to be fully leveled up to 700. There are multiple jumping puzzles and mazes found throughout Zero Hour, making it very easy to get lost. And to top it all off, Zero Hour is timed, giving you only 20 minutes to navigate through, kill everything in sight, and walk out with your precious reward.

Quests like this one are some of Destiny 2's best content. We hope Bungie has more of them in store.