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Nintendo Switch Has Now Outsold PS4 In Japan

The PlayStation 4 has enjoyed a remarkable run thus far, with insane worldwide sales figures and a string of high-quality exclusives. But in the company's homeland of Japan, Sony no longer wears the crown this generation.


Instead, according to Twinfinite, Nintendo now sits on the throne, with Nintendo Switch sales hitting 8,125,637 units since the console's launch on March 3, 2017. That is just a tad bit more than the PS4's lifetime sales in Japan, which currently sit at 8,077,756 units. And one has to keep in mind that the PS4 had a nearly three-year head start on the Switch in Japan, which means Nintendo's console is selling like fire. It really makes you wonder, what if?

The overarching narrative for this generation is how well Sony's been doing with the PS4, and how that console is all but uncatchable. That may still end up being the case, since Sony's platform has been around longer and we're hot on the heels of the presumed PlayStation 5, which many expect to see in 2020. But what if the Nintendo Switch and the PS4 had launched on equal footing? How different would the console landscape look then?


As it stands, Nintendo Switch owners have a Pokemon title coming later in the year, as well as another Animal Crossing game, which could help bolster sales even further. And we're likely to see a battle between a new PlayStation and a new Xbox next year, while the Nintendo Switch marches on, possibly with a hardware revision or two. We might never again see all three platform holders launching new experiences in close proximity to one another, doing their best to sell their competing experiences to the masses.

But if the Switch has shown us anything, it's that people still very much love their portables; particularly in Japan, where Nintendo once again holds the keys to the kingdom.

While we're on the topic of the Switch, Nintendo has a Direct dedicated to Super Mario Maker 2 airing at 6 p.m. ET today. We'll have our eyes on that and be ready to report anything of note about Nintendo's next Super Mario course builder.