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WWE 2K24 Review: Continuing The Legacy

  • Engaging Showcase mode
  • Improved gameplay mechanics
  • Vast content and customization options
  • Some technical glitches
  • Object placement issues
  • A re-evaluation of the current annual release strategy may be worthwhile

A PS5 code was provided to SVG for this review. "WWE 2K24" will be available on March 14, 2023, for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Welcome back to the world where the smackdown is real, and the drama is even realer. "WWE 2K24" has burst onto the scene, promising to throw you over the ropes and into the heart of wrestling's most iconic moments. After last year's "WWE 2K23" laid the groundwork, this latest iteration straps on the boots, and comes ready to rumble with the best of them.


"WWE 2K24" catapults you straight into the heart of wrestling's grandeur with its 2K Showcase, celebrating four decades of WrestleMania magic. The attention to graphical detail is phenomenal, capturing every sweat bead and grimace with uncanny accuracy. Characters from the stoic "Stone Cold" Steve Austin to the colorful Ultimate Warrior are rendered with startling clarity. But it's not just about looking good — the game's Slingshot Tech seamlessly melds historic video with gameplay, allowing you to relive or rewrite history's most thrilling moments.

That said, while the visual feast is mostly satisfying, it's not without its hitches. Instances of pixelated graphics and awkward camera angles occasionally mar the spectacle, like a botched finisher that slightly sours a stellar match. These issues happened surprisingly often (especially when controlling the in-ring camera while spectating a match or waiting on your wrestler to make their way into the Royal Rumble), but not enough to break the game or factor into the outcome of matches. Ultimately, these moments are the exception, not the rule, in this otherwise graphically impressive title.


The Ringmaster's Toolkit: Gameplay and Features

Here's where "WWE 2K24" shines: retaining its beloved mechanics while introducing fresh elements to keep veterans and rookies on their toes. Even if you've been away from a wrestling title for a few years, you'll likely be able to just pick up and play, getting caught up to speed pretty quickly.


The Super Finishers, allowing up to five stored finishers, turn each match's endgame into a strategic showdown, reminiscent of epic encounters like The Undertaker's nail-biting WrestleMania streak defenses.

The introduction of the Trading Blows mini-game offers a visceral, back-and-forth combat experience, echoing the intensity of legendary brawls, such as one of the more memorable instances with Gunther and Drew McIntyre. Yet, this isn't just about the new. As mentioned, the game respects its roots, maintaining the accessible control scheme that has defined the series while ensuring there's additional depth for those seeking a challenge.

A Universe of Stories: Modes and Longevity

Offering a similarly incredible experience, "WWE 2K24" provides a sprawling and robust narrative playground. MyRISE offers a branching saga that would make the scriptwriters of "Monday Night Raw" jealous, while the Showcase mode serves as a love letter to wrestling historians. The customization depth allows for a personalized touch, making every career journey feel unique and every wrestler truly your own.


But the real heavyweight champion of longevity here is the game's vast roster and match types. With over 200 characters and innovative new match types like the Ambulance and Casket matches (not to mention the amazing Special Guest Referee match), this title is a near-bottomless well of wrestling excitement. Each match feels like a different chapter in an endless anthology of wrestling lore, ensuring your return to the ring time and again.

Of course, some fans may be disappointed that certain personalities (understandably) do not show up in this year's iteration of "WWE 2K," given recent allegations that have been brought to light. However, with a roster as vast as this, there are still plenty of stars to choose from, and the ability to create your own wrestler allows for endless possibilities.


Technical Takedowns

Despite its strengths, "WWE 2K24" isn't immune to the occasional faceplant. The technical glitches, from the minor graphical hiccups to the more jarring camera misalignments, remind us that even champions can stumble. While these issues don't undermine the game's overall quality, they are like unexpected chair shots — surprising and momentarily jarring.


Object grabbing and placement are also still plenty prevalent in "WWE 2K24", whether you're trying to grab a weapon but instead unintentionally grab the rope; or the wildly awkward way that ladders manage to get placed anywhere other than where you're actually trying to place it. These issues have been around for years, so while they are expected, it would be nice if more time was spent on object accuracy.

Moreover, the yearly release model of the "WWE 2K" series continues to raise question as to whether or not it's needed. With incremental updates often feeling like mere refinements rather than full-fledged revolutions, a shift towards more extensive DLCs along with full releases coming every few years or so could provide the series with the breathing room needed for more significant innovation.


A Main Event Worth the Price of Admission

"WWE 2K24" strides into the arena with the confidence of a seasoned wrestler — it knows its strengths and plays to them beautifully. From the immersive Showcase to the robust MyRISE mode, from the graphically rich presentation to the engaging gameplay mechanics, this installment highlghts the series' continued evolution.


Yes, the occasional technical mishap and the debate over the release strategy may cloud its shine, but they don't detract from the overall package. This is a game built on the legacy of its predecessors, improved in meaningful ways, and still bursting with the passion and flair that make professional wrestling a unique spectacle.

Last year, "WWE 2K23" earned a commendable 7 out of 10 from SVG. This year, "WWE 2K24" steps up its game, addressing past criticisms while introducing new features that enrich the wrestling experience. Technical improvements, combined with the allure of new gameplay elements and an expansive narrative approach, elevate this title above its predecessor. While it would easily be a solid 7.5, we round up, granting "WWE 2K24" a well-deserved 8 out of 10 for not just meeting the high bar set by "WWE 2K23" but raising it, ensuring fans old and new will find something to cheer about. So, lace up, ring the bell, and prepare for a showdown that's as electrifying as it is enduring.