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Eight New Games Coming To Xbox Game Pass Soon

Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass service is already pretty sizable, and now it's growing even larger. Eight new titles are coming to Game Pass in the next few weeks, and below, we've got the details on when you can expect each of them.


Metal Gear Survive is first up on May 23, and frankly, this is a hard game to get excited about. The game came from a post-Kojima Konami that seemed intent on making everyone dislike the Metal Gear franchise, starting with the absurd save slot microtransactions. And the game didn't fare that well with reviewers, either. If you're curious and you're already a Game Pass subscriber, Metal Gear Survive may be worth a look. But it's definitely not a reason you'd want to sign up.

Also coming on May 23 is The Banner Saga, a well-liked RPG released back in 2014. The entire Banner Saga series is known for its gorgeous art and its satisfying battle system, so it's extra good news that The Banner Saga 2 is also being added to Game Pass on June 6. Now you can play through the first two chapters of the series, crossing your fingers all the while that Game Pass eventually gets The Banner Saga 3 someday.


Void Bastards is part BioShock, part Borderlands, with a little bit of FTL thrown in for good measure. In Void Bastards, you'll explore spaceships from a first-person perspective, blasting away enemies while trying to plot out the best path forward. And as you can see in the image above, the art style is something we don't see often outside of Borderlands. This game is highly intriguing, and we'll finally get to see what it's all about when it arrives on May 29.

Dead by Daylight takes asymmetrical multiplayer into the world of survival horror, putting you in the shoes of either a slow-moving killer or a scared-as-hell regular Joe or Jane. If you're said killer, it's your job to round up all of those terrified people and prevent them from escaping the play space and all of your conveniently placed hooks. Otherwise, you're just someone trying to survive, working with others to distract the killer long enough to make your getaway. There's a fair bit of jank to this game, but it can be forgiven for the sheer amount of fun you'll have. Dead by Daylight comes to Game Pass on May 30.

Outer Wilds also drops into Game Pass on May 30, and this is one we've had to wait a bit for. We got a look at Outer Wilds during last year's E3, but the game went relatively quiet in the time following that event. Now it's back, it's coming out before the end of the month, and it promises to make us all explorers of outer space. How will the game hold up in relation to that E3 video we saw? We'll find out soon.


Full Metal Furies is a co-op action RPG that touts "a unique combat system where everyone is important." And in that regard, the game appears to hold up its end of the bargain. All the loot you earn is split between the members of your team, ensuring that you can focus on putting down the bad guys you encounter rather than compete for kills. And those enemies have shields that require a teammate with a similar color in order to disable. You'll need some communication to best Full Metal Furies, and of course, it would also be nice to have some friends who can join you in battle. Full Metal Furies hits Game Pass on June 6.

And last but not least, Superhot. In terms of modern first-person shooters, one could argue that Superhot is one of the more innovative title to come out in quite some time. And time, as it turns out, plays a huge factor in the game. Time does not move forward unless you move, and stopping gives you ample time to take in your surroundings and anticipate the actions of your enemies. It requires a bit more thinking than your traditional run-and-gun shooter, and because of that, it's worth experiencing. Superhot also comes to Game Pass on June 6.

We'll likely get some more Game Pass announcements in June, perhaps even at Microsoft's E3 press conference. Once we have word on what's coming, we'll fill you in.