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Bungie Tweaks Destiny 2's Next Raid To Make Completion Race More Fair

Destiny 2's next raid will already be a bit different than most, as it'll be available on the first day of the game's next content drop. Now Bungie is making even more changes to ensure the race to completing the raid first is more fair for all involved.


According to Bungie's blog, the studio is introducing a feature called Contest for the game's Crown of Sorrow raid. Contest will be enabled for the first 24 hours following the raid's release, and will cap the effectiveness of a player's Power Level for certain raid encounters. So if a player entering the raid's first battle has a Power Level higher than 700, that additional Power won't provide any additional advantage. Each encounter afterward will have its own similar Power Level cap.

The aim, Bungie states, is to "showcase team communication, game strategy, and player skill." Basically, the studio wants the race to be more about the coordination of a particular group of players and less about how fast that group was able to level up its collective Power.


The addition of Contest is an intriguing one, for sure. Because Bungie chose to release the Crown of Sorrow raid on the first day of Season of Opulence, it essentially invited players to spend the last days of this current season hoarding powerful rewards, waiting to open them until the new season arrives in an attempt to level up as quickly as possible. Now that raid encounters have Power Level caps that force players to play at a disadvantage, those who have more time to stack powerful rewards ahead of time can't get as much of a leg up on everyone else.

From what we've seen so far, the hardcore Destiny 2 community sees this as a good move, with several popular streamers praising the Contest feature. And in theory, it sounds like a good idea. But we won't know for sure how players truly feel about this change to the Crown of Sorrow raid until the raid itself arrives.

Destiny 2's Season of Opulence, which contains the Crown of Sorrow raid, drops on June 4.