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Fanatical's Square Enix Sale Starts Today

Ready to save some dough? Square Enix recently started selling PC games over at Fanatical, and now a whole bunch of them are on sale for the next two weeks, including some very recent releases.

If you head over to Fanatical now, you'll be able to pick up Shadow of the Tomb Raider for a mere $26.99. That is definitely the lowest we've seen this one selling at so far, and the game is worth every penny of that. The Croft Edition of the game, which includes the Season Pass and other extras, is also on sale for $39.18. So you can have your pick; either the base game, or the game plus a collection of additional challenge tombs.


Next up, the first Life is Strange is priced down to $3.99, and that's the entire five-episode season. Square Enix is the last studio standing when it comes to putting out these kinds of narrative-focused episodic adventure games (with Telltale closing up shop) so if you enjoy those types of experiences, Life is Strange is worth a look. Oh, and you might as well give the Life is Strange 2 a shot, as well; Episode 1 is discounted to $3.99 as well during the sale.

Fanatical has an entire Deus Ex bundle on sale for those who enjoy their stealth with a dash of cybernetic action. For just $8.99, you can pick up four games in the series: Deus Ex: Game of the YearDeus Ex: Invisible WarDeus Ex: Human Revolution; and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. That should keep you plenty busy until the next Deus Ex game comes out. Hopefully it doesn't have to keep you busy for eternity.


And we can't bring up action without talking about Just Cause. That series is all about doing insane things with the various gizmos and gadgets Rico has at his disposal, and right now, you can wreak havoc at a discount in a few Just Cause titles. The first Just Cause is going for just $0.99. Just Cause 2 isn't much more expensive at $2.24. Just Cause 3 XXL is priced at $8.83. And the more recent Just Cause 4 is on sale for $23.99.

Are we a little disappointed that there aren't any Final Fantasy games in sight? Sure. But it's still nice to see deep discounts on some Square titles, and the fact that they're all redeemable on Steam is a nice bonus. The sale is set to last for two weeks, and there are plenty of other titles on sale. So if you find something you like, you have plenty of time to squirrel some funds away to make your purchase.

Fanatical's Square Enix sale ends on June 17.