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Oculus Quest Sold $5 Million Worth Of Content In Two Weeks

Virtual reality is still relatively niche, all things considered. But that doesn't mean it can't still be financially lucrative. Take the Oculus Quest, for example, which is selling a lot of content since it launched in May.

The Oculus Quest is widely considered to be what the future of VR looks like, thanks to its all-in-one design and portability. And according to Gamasutra, it's making some serious money on the content side of things, too. In the headset's first two weeks on the market, it managed to rake in $5 million on content alone, finding plenty of willing buyers for games and other virtual reality experiences.

And sure, that number isn't all that impressive when you stack it up against the speed at which a home gaming console might sell software. But you have to remember: this is a $399 virtual reality headset. Aside from a few choice games, virtual reality is far from being a slam dunk in the minds of many. And that price point isn't exactly helping Oculus move units off of the shelf, either.

Which is a shame. The Oculus Quest is unique in that it has the power to do things a lot of budget VR headsets can't. Want to play a little Beat Saber? The Quest can do it. Want to load up a VR tour with nice detail and a stellar frame rate? The Quest can do that, too. It can accomplish much of what previous top-of-the-line headsets did, but without the fuss of wires or setting up a room full of sensors. It should be the product most people want if they're interested in VR. But four hundred bucks is a lot of money just to see if maybe, just maybe, they got VR right this time.

Until we get a more accessibly priced virtual reality headset that can also provide the perks offered by the Quest — inside-out tracking and a wire-free experience — it'll be tough to get people to dip their toes into the water. That time might come with the Quest gets a price drop, or when the next Oculus headset comes along to offer similar features at a more affordable price. Until then, we'll have PlayStation VR around for the multitude of PlayStation 4 owners who want a taste of virtual reality. And we'll always have smartphone-powered headsets that, while not as capable, still offer a few compelling VR applications.

The Oculus Quest is on sale now for $399. Oculus also offers a more powerful VR headset — the wired Rift S – for $399, as well.